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You passed the test

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You passed the test
we live in the heart of big timber country

every fall
it catches ablaze

places named “happy camp” are infernal
how folks could ever be happy there
i do not know

the whole place burns down every year

guys smoke jump and battle impossible hills
hornets nests

and rattlers
poison oak

sweat and confusion

it is a war, only nobody is parting your hair with lead
but you still have to run for your life

the fighters

they come to the little restaurant that me and anya have

I feed them and they are are appreciative
"you boys need to wash up some, go on and try to mop it towards the drain” I say

they are hungry and battle hardened

When I was a Jr at S Medford HS, we had a mighty fire season

Lots of us were on the line

they excused us from school to fight

It was dirty and damned near impossible terrain
flames scooped up around us

it was very nearly as though we were in hell

only, we had a chance to fight the flames back
we had a moment where we could crush it
to save our haven.

so we did

and the sun glowed deep angry red
the smoke filled us all

we coughed and cried irritated tears

but we beat that fire

and saved our oasis

Mrs Barlow let me skip my algebra test.
She said, "Todd, you are all smokey, and have dirty creases in the lines on your face."

I said, "Yeah, I am sorry, I meant to wash up better before class, but I knew we had a test today."

I was dog tired, and she could tell.

Algebra was terribly difficult for me.

She put her hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eye
"you passed the test Todd, now get cleaned up" she said.

"Yes Ma'am, Thank you" I said.
I never looked back once.

Don't just do something, Stand there!

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todd tennyson: Aug 19, 2017, 1:15 PM
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Re: You passed the test In reply to
Thanks Todd. Your writing always has an emotional element and I appreciate it. Good job.


MOLON LABE [mo 'lon la 've]

Technology has it's place, hunting isn't it.

Life's a blink, never have to say ....... "I should have"!

"That human optimism & goodness that we put our faith in, is in no more danger than the stars in the jaws of the clouds." .................Victor Hugo
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Re: You passed the test In reply to
Thanks Pete,

I figure, let it out.

I can't very well carry it with me on my back

up and out of this place

so I got to let it go.

Don't just do something, Stand there!