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  1. Carl

    Minn Kota TM Prop Nut

    so sites recommend using the motor in reverse to try to loosen it. Just have to be careful not to burn up the motor.
  2. Carl

    Minn Kota TM Prop Nut

    I’ve inserted a screw driver in the slot and tried to get it loose but the screw driver keeps slipping out.
  3. Carl

    Minn Kota TM Prop Nut

    I don’t believe so.
  4. Carl

    Minn Kota TM Prop Nut

    Broke the sheer pin on my Minn Kota Endure 50 I soaked the prop nut with penetrating oil but it will not break free. Don’t want to strip the slot at the end, seems like they could engineer that better. Before I start cutting off the prop, any advice?
  5. Carl

    25 hp Mercury 2 Stroke

    Selling my 2003 Mercury 25 HP, 2-stroke, short shaft, pull start. Rebuilt carb, fuel pump and impeller in summer 2022. Also new in 2022 3-gallon fuel tank and lines. Runs great, but my shoulder is telling me that a pull start is not a good idea anymore! $950.00. Located in Tampa. Posting here...
  6. Carl

    Whatcha Listening To?

    damn, this got ugly fast. I thought we were all friends. But hey, your friends don't dance, And if they don't dance, Well, they're no friends of mine..... :ROFLMAO:
  7. Carl

    Coffee Doodle Tuesday….

    truly captures the subtle beauty of a drake gaddie!
  8. Carl

    Whatcha Listening To?

    Flock of Seagulls?
  9. Carl

    Base says Masons, what are the odds it is?

    Hopefully some of our decoy experts will weigh in. Please check my message about user names!
  10. Carl

    Update,,,,, things are coming together.

    Cool. Do they neighbors mind you hunting from the front yard??
  11. Carl

    I can win,,,,,,

    Sounds like one of those weeks that afterwards you just need to just hide from life for a few days.
  12. Carl

    New England Birds....

    Beautiful mount!
  13. Carl

    Mullins Duck Boat

    Stamped steel hull, that’s pretty cool. Note the weight: 150#.
  14. Carl

    Evinrude hunting skiff

    Same, never heard of a hull by that name. Pics please!
  15. Carl

    Eric: did you bring home a Tacoma from Kentucky?

    At least the drive was a lot shorter this time...
  16. Carl

    New TDB 14 Classic Owner - Transom Reinforcement Advice

    Welcome! Nice looking boat. There are a number of current and previous TBD owners here, I’m sure someone will have advice.
  17. Carl

    Bangkok Duck Prams

    Happy New Year!!
  18. Carl

    Bass Pro 50th Anniversary Sale Fraud

    Be careful, there is a fraudulent Bass Pro 50th Anniversary sale fraud going on. The page looks just like bass pro, start to finish. But it’s not. Hate to say it, but it fooled me. My CC company is waiving the small amount I spent. And now I’m having to keep an eye on my CC account every day...
  19. Carl

    NDR - large rodents

    Good stuff. I’ve eaten beaver twice, once cooked by a colleague’s grandmother, it was amazing. Second time I cooked it, it was ok. Grandma is almost always a better cook. I never handled 4-coils, everyone I knew who beaver trapped used 330 or #3 longsprings.