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  1. Troy Fields

    New England Birds....

    Nice Phil. Is there room for the Old Squaw there?
  2. Troy Fields

    Phoenix Poke Boat - Micro, didn't even know they were made?

    Curious on how those Micros tract when paddling, keep us posted.
  3. Troy Fields

    Hunting in the age of social media

    Great stuff and congrats on the barter hunts. If it weren't for the internet and a hunt forum, I never would have met a now friend and breeder of Pearl. Good things can and do still happen.
  4. Troy Fields

    Bet he'd go again..

    Great account Todd!
  5. Troy Fields

    SOLD, Remington LH 700BDL 30-06 Like New

    I have a like new Remington 700 BDL 30-06 LH available. Comes with original box and Bushnell variable scope. Only 4 shots have been fired and that was to sight it in, many years ago. $1100 plus shipping to FFL
  6. Troy Fields

    We Are Live!

    Pretty nice. Well done!
  7. Troy Fields

    Re-Launch Video Preview

    Great Video Eric!
  8. Troy Fields

    Pearl 2/16/2012-11/7/2023

    Thanks Eric, I appreciate it and yes, she will always be with me in my thoughts.
  9. Troy Fields

    Pearl 2/16/2012-11/7/2023

  10. Troy Fields

    Pearl 2/16/2012-11/7/2023

    [font "Arial"]You will be missed sweetheart![/font] Pearl was diagnosed with a large tumor on her liver last week. The prognosis was not good so we treated for what we could and kept her as close to the Pearl of old as we could. She passed peacefully with us at home. [font "Segoe UI...
  11. Troy Fields

    A follow up to my post about boat trailer jack

    Looks great. Mine has operated flawlessly for seasons.
  12. Troy Fields

    12' Poke Boat

    You are correct, very light.
  13. Troy Fields

    12' Poke Boat

    Thanks Nick. It was supposedly sold last night, but a no show...gotta love those.
  14. Troy Fields

    12' Poke Boat

    Hi Brad, It's a regular, not the Maxi.
  15. Troy Fields

    12' Poke Boat

    Moving along a Poke Boat kayak. 12' long, very stable and light, guessing around 40lbs or less. Used but good condition, no cracks etc. Always stored inside and out of sun UV and weather. $650. Located in Shapleigh, Me ($600 to me/$50 to the site)
  16. Troy Fields

    Trailer jack with wheel that actually swivels

    I use these on my smaller trailers...
  17. Troy Fields

    New Site Format Thread

    I would agree with the others to start new with access to the old.
  18. Troy Fields

    hunting in Maine

    Jeff pretty much hit the nail on the head Dani. Look forward to talking more.
  19. Troy Fields

    Online Outboards?

    Hi Jeff, I can't speak to the online process, but I did run a 25hp 2 stroke Suzuki on my Devlin when I had it. I did not have any issues with it at all. On the Yamaha side of things, it would only cost you a phone call, but might be worth it you are considering that brand. New England...
  20. Troy Fields

    Happy Father's Day y'all

    Here's a picture of the Bluebird that has produced best for me.