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    ISO: Waterfowl Sweater

    Take a look at the Wool ones from Drake. I got an email alert this morning about their wool one at 70% off. If I didn’t already have a few good layers already, that one would be in my cart 🛒 on their site
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    Wader leaking help

    I have a hunting buddy that has 5200 on the boot portion of his waders. Apparently the ones he had on are prone to cracking at specific areas and he uses 5200. Not sure how it would work at the boot seam. I guess if they leak and you give it a try, it might be worth it. If it doesn't work...
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    Found one of my Christmas presents.

    My neighbor informed me of a sale on those and the shallow water chair blind on Drake's website. If my new panel blind Christmas present wasn't there I think Mrs. Santa would have heard a hint last night. Very nice blind Ed!!
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    sprayshield needed for higbee box in SJ These are the folks that made the dodgers for the Chuck Huff boat when MLB owned it. I ordered one from them and it's the very same pattern as the one I had on my Chuck Huff boat. Good Luck!
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    Re: WTB Four Rivers Migrator Model Sneakboat

    There is a used one in Mosinee, WI On Facebook Marketplace
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    Site Funds Needed

    Done. The PayPal function makes this so easy Thanks for all the work to keep this site functional.
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    Rowing a Higbee?

    I had the MLB Chuck Huff with was a stretched Higbee. It rowed like a champ
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    Sportspal or Radisson Canoe

    A friend of mine has used the Sportspal14 ft double ender and he had told me in the past that he really liked it. I have since come across a Michi-Craft 13' double ender canoe and to be quite honest, I have a fleet of duck boats and canoes and this 13 ft canoe with 42" width and weighing only 55...
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    NDR: fiberglass wet out failure on canoe

    High humidity is most likely the cause for the issue. In the coatings industry it's referred to as an amine blush...or as this quick search resulted in: The cause is most likely due to a side chemical reaction of moisture (humidity) in the air, interacting with a curing agent. This phenomenon...
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    Adding a Dodger to my Duck Boss 13 I was able to obtain a new dodger from Millers Custom Canvas in Milford, Indiana. 584-658-5976 Willis Miller still has the pattern from the dodgers that went on a popular Sneak Box of the past and will sew to order if anyone wants one...
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    More clarification needed?

    The problem with not offering information is a sticky one for CC permit holders. When stopped by LE, if you are carrying, you as a CC permit holder are required to inform the officer (Police, Sheriff, Conservation) as to whether or not you are carrying. It's a good idea to do so. I you don't...
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    NDR - Looking for recommendations for places to eat in Baton Rouge

    Superior Bar and Grill Great Mexican food and then ya have music in the Rio Room attached. Very fun atmosphere. 5435 Government Street | Baton Rouge, LA 70806 | 225.927.2022
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    ISO portable depth finder

    I I have another green plastic ammo box that I put the Unit and transducer in when not in use. A vexilar sized battery is in the box it's mounted on. Can be used in any boat easily this way. Amazon price is crazy for this one however FleetFarm has a similar model reasonably priced...
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    Bud Miles Barnegat Bay Sneak Box

    So am I reading this right? Dave is going to produce Glass over Cedar boats off Bud Miles molds? It would be interesting if he pulled a glass mold to produce that craft in all glass.
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    Dog question for the brain trust here

    Post hunt antiseptic treatment would be forefront in my mind. Many little puncture wounds could possibly be a source of infection. Hook up with a pointing group in your area and glen info from them on a good sporting dog Vet in your area to consult with for the best pre and post hunt protocol.
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    Top Waterfowling Moment

    Very Cool!! You?ll remember this hunt when you are 95 years old and a smile will come to your face because of it. My guess is you?ll be hoping for a repeat next year around the same time frame. Congratulations to both you and your Dad! -Ron
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    Am I too old?

    I sold my Kevlar Hoefgen because I picked up an old Browning Aerocraft Pawnee 13? Canoe. Most marshes where I hunt have cattails that you Pull the boat into. That little Pawnee is more comfortable Than the Hoefgen was and moves along just as easy. The Hoefgen is a neat boat however the...
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    Jersey Salt Marsh - 2019

    Is that an all glass Estuary?
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    WTB Fatboy DP, BBSB in Pacific Northwest

    You've got the aquapod guys right out there in your neck of the woods. AquaPod Factory - 5985 S 6th Way, Ridgefield, Washington 98642
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    Jon Yenulonis passing

    God Bless all of Jon's family and friends during this difficult time. Carve and Paint Decoys, Fix Duck Boats, Turn and tune calls, hunt with your Family and Friends often as we never know when it will be the last time. Hoping Jon has found the Honey Hole in heaven where the ducks are plenty...