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    New England Firearms SB4 MSG

    Bet that hurts
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    What's on your work bench, February 2024?

    Just like fishing, boat, motor,, rods, reel, gas, bait and marina. Got fillets down to under $300 a pound, but they taste good.
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    Newbie advice

    Hand tools are great. A foredom tools is a big step up. Check out the local carving clubs and DU, good source for wood, tools and carvers. Look for carving competitions, try to take a carving class and watch utube videos. Try to find floatsom foam and rasp out some bodies for practice.
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    Mass Eiders

    Phil, what was the shooting like? Decoying birds or pass shooting? Could I ask full or half day, what was the price. Who was your guide, license fees?
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    June in Alaska

    Dani, you will see more scenery on the train trip than driving. Fly in fishing is a great trip,nice solitude, no noises except float planes. Or just take a remote fly over. Lake hood has many flight operators.
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    H weights mold.

    John, if you can melt lead, make a cheap plaster mold. One of two piece. We did striper jigs and weights years ago.
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    Suggestions on how to get this straight?

    Clamp with box steel, steel clamps, warm with torch. Use many clamps, slowly tighten
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    June in Alaska

    Train trip sounds great. I visited a friend there, great memories. Everything is a great distance apart, denali, fairbanks, wittier etc. E mail alaska tourist bureau, anchorage and your work conference for info. Good camera, comfortable cloths.
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    Bass Pro 50th Anniversary Sale Fraud

    We give money to all countries, tell them no money till they help ridding their country of these places...
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    NDR - large rodents

    A lost necessity.
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    Intro & Persistence Pays Off

    Gabe, you around Pennsville? M&M?
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    I Need A Vehicle Change...

    Have a older tahoe, can't get parts for anti lock brakes, car is rusting out. GM says its the salt on the roads, is it a car only for the south???
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    Trailer needed

    Harry, Bite the bullet and get a new trailer with guide on's, large tires and lites high out of the water. Get the axle that lubes through the axle and forces water out. Finally did that and haven't had to work on the trailer for years. Getting older and can't work as easy now. Lights on the...
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    Ice boat

    Don, first where are you located? There are ice boat clubs all over the US.Check out, it is located with a ton of info and a great swap site. I own a boecraft skeeter and a partially finished DN. The hardware is expensive. Very fast sport and a lot of fun.
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    Cold Snap

    might bring a few birds down to the island
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    Steve Sanford Video

    Well deserved, many talented guy.
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    Very talented. Have seen his video also.

    Very talented. Have seen his video also.