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  1. Chance

    Hello/ohio decoy show

    Gotcha unfortunately my line of work doesn't allow me to go to shows more than a few hours from home unless it's in the winter or early spring.
  2. Chance

    Hello/ohio decoy show

    Hey Rick, we are planning on on going to more shows next year. When is that one again?
  3. Chance

    Hello/ohio decoy show

    I had to download a file resizer any tips for uploading pictures?
  4. Chance

    Hello/ohio decoy show

    Here are most of my decoys.
  5. 20240318_220320.jpg


  6. 20240318_220304.jpg


  7. 20240318_220202.jpg


  8. 20240318_220351 (1).jpg

    20240318_220351 (1).jpg

  9. Chance

    Hello/ohio decoy show

    I'm trying to post some pictures, but it says my files are to big for the server to handle.
  10. Chance

    Hello/ohio decoy show

    Hi, I'm Chance Zelkowski from the Thumb of Michigan I just joined the forum after hearing about it on Ramsey Russell's podcast. I was a member of some forums a few years back, but they all pretty much died off. I've been waterfowl hunting and into the history of it since I was a kid. (Still am...
  11. Chance Guest Appearance

    I listened to the podcast on my way back from the Ohio decoy show today. I looked up this forum after and saw there's still a bunch of activity, so now I'm a member. I was a member of some other forums a while back, but they seemed to pretty much die off due to Facebook. Glad to see there's a...