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  1. bballard

    Ok, Mr. P reactivated my old account and I knocked the rust off it ! The BigB account might go...

    Ok, Mr. P reactivated my old account and I knocked the rust off it ! The BigB account might go away. I’m going to take this account out for a test run. Hang on to something !
  2. bballard

    What's on your WORK BENCH ? - OCTOBER 2020

    I've only put in a SMALL amount of time at the bench so far....
  3. bballard

    Duck Boat Info

    Looking to plan for my winter project. A vintage Aerocraft Model F D (1956 I think) Made in St.Charles, Mich. Seam an rivets are still mostly good. Small seam leak Starboard . Anyone ever work with or on one?
  4. bballard

    Funky Duck

    Yo Vin, Now I've to pull down some good tunes.... Remember when people used to dance, together, in the same space? That's OK, personally I could use the full 6 feet radiused when I'm dancin! Peace, B
  5. bballard

    Funky Duck

    Knocked this one out for Covid Rig hunt...
  6. bballard

    What's on your WORK BENCH - SEPTEMBER 2020

    Just in under the Sept. wire. Fresh off the bench GW teal Gunner.. Peace, BB
  7. bballard


    I Stand by the stump, Goat skin leggins in place. Ready to dance in the season of fall, of harvest, of the hunt... I'll burn a little cedar, pour a little McClusky's gym floor sealer on the flame for good measure. Salute my friend, and to all the Old Bulls, who still ply the reeds and the...
  8. bballard

    Franchi 612

    Bought New for my son when he shot for our scholastic team. Been in the case since he graduated. Bringing it to Havre de Grace for the Decoy Festival, looking to trade for a smaller boat (sneak). I can email you pics of what I've got, any interest just let me know. Comes with hard case, 6...
  9. bballard

    First wooden boat

    No idea Joe. No tag, or info from the fellow I traded with.
  10. bballard

    First wooden boat

    Yeah, actually looking for a wheeled cart. Thought I would let a couple kids dress up and CROSS THE DELEWARE in her.
  11. bballard

    First wooden boat

    Steve, paint is all fresh and well set, no crazing anywhere. I was figuring a full strip / sand would be necessary so that I could spar the whole boat. To the touch it feels like there may have been no sealer other than the paint and caulk. I am trying to educate myself in the application of...
  12. bballard

    First wooden boat

    Just got my first wooden boat (traded six old plastic goose decoys for her. Her bones are great, and she floats like a charm. Pirogue style I believe. Plywood construction (Looks like an Uncle Jon's sort of), Wonder about paint strip and sealing techniques. She has no glass on her at all...
  13. bballard

    Junior Wild Fowler ODCCA

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL ! The time has come to invite a youngster into your shop and make ready for the Junior Water fowler's 2017 DUCK BLIND CHALLENGE at the ODCCA STRONGSVILLE SHOW.... Willy McDonald and The DUCK BLIND are fired up and ready as our gracious Sponsors of this great event. Prizes and...
  14. bballard

    Willy McDonald is HOOOOOOOOOME!

    "CRY HAVOC, AND LET SLIP THE GET WELL CARDS AND WISHES OF JOY"! And if those cards happen to be taped to a bottle of Crown Royal,...EVEN BETTER! Don't worry it will be used for medical reasons only!
  15. bballard

    GREETINGS ALL ! Willy McDonald Update

    Yo Vinny! I have been nose to the grind stone. Became a Grand Pa and help out with taking care of him a ton. Work, got involved in local government, ton of sports announcing ... And few other time eaters. I definitely miss all you guys and hangin out.
  16. bballard

    GREETINGS ALL ! Willy McDonald Update

    I concur my friend ! Good to hear from ya. Hope the bills reds and cans have kept ya busy. Slow as all get out over on this side. Have been forced to keep busy deer hunting. Had three come into the decoys so far and put em all in the freezer. Other than that, grandfather hood has been keeping...
  17. bballard

    GREETINGS ALL ! Willy McDonald Update

    SEASONS GREETINGS ALL ! Been a month of Sundays since last I trod these venerable digital halls. Miss you old guys a bunch. Things are cool here in the Big Mitten. If you have not heard Willy McDonald fell ill just before Thanksgiving and had to be hospitalized for some surgery. That...
  18. bballard

    Strongsville pictures 2015....

    Right back at ya Steve. Last thing I remember was a big black lab pulling a section of fence down the street because of a love interest. I have been scarce because of my new career. I became a celebrity look alike. Unfortunately the celebrity is Charlie Weaver...." I'll take the center square to...