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    All the Best, Dave.
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    Who remembers

    Grits was one of the hosts, but I remember Curt Gowdy as the most popular, host.
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    What's On Your Workbench? - May

    Eric, The late, great Billy Koelpin - painter & sculptor. Didn't he do the bronze casting of the hunter & boat in the DHBP logo ? Those paintings left to right are " The Poacher" ; Joe Wooster, depicted during the annual Wood- duck opener up at his place, and "The "Warden." Felt it was...
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    What's On Your Workbench? - May

    Don't know how much time I'll get in on painting for the rest of the month, as we have some travelling planned. But I have a gunning Pintail drake and a Chiloe wigeon carved and sitting in the painting studio - the Chiloe on a whim. Haven't done one of them since doing a frond version for John...
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    I knew it! ALDCNR Proposing Further WMA Access Restrictions.

    I can only speak for my area of the tri-State (OH/IN/KY) along the Ohio River; however, I rarely see a game warden from any of the three states even out driving around, let alone getting checked by one at the ramp or on the water. I'll bet the last time I was checked was close to 10 years before...
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    First Duckboat - Flat Bottom or V-Hull?

    But please just tow it behind a real boat with some decoys in it and just use it to paddle around a pond in summer. We don't need to read any more tragic duck hunting stories.
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    The New Project After The Other Project... 1984 Aeromarine Sneakboat

    Neat article on Dave. The boat pictured in the opening page of t.he write up is a Brant II that was a fiberglass copy of a Merrymeeting Bay 2 man sculler.
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    Hey, one of our own !!

    Looks like the very talented Vince Pagliaroli is going to have a one-man show and presentation. Wish I lived close and was able to make it. Well done, Vince. Always a great thing to put waterfowl art and the rich heritage that goes along with it out in front of the general public in venues...
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    What's on your work bench?-April

    Bill, Just a digital SLR. Actually about 15 years old - back when the switch was just being made from film. I remember the guy at the store telling me ...."but they'll never replace film." :ROFLMAO: That camera (an old Pentax 100D) has become as much a part of my waterfowling gear as my gun &...
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    What's on your work bench?-April

    Love the paint, Patrick! Vince, that ringer is aces. Hey Dave, To paraphrase the words of Jerry Jeff Walker: You ought to be in the circus; you're havin' too much fun ! Started in on a pintail drake. Have a wigeon cut out too.
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    What's on your work bench? - March 2024

    Second of the black ducks just about finished. This one is reminiscent of the late-winter freeze up specimens we'd sometimes see down on the River... heads as fat as baseballs and those red legs! Over the next few days, I'm sure I'll flick in some accent details after taking time to just "look"...
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    H&H Outdoors duckbill head article online

    My original push pole head finally gave up the ghost about 4 seasons back after 30+ seasons of use. Can't recall the name of the place now, but I found a replacement at a little tackle shop in the Carolinas that had an online presence. Called and ordered two at the insane price of 5 bucks each...