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  1. Ed L.

    Field & Stream

    To this day there is one illustration that's vivid in my mind from a young age. There was a story of a grizzly attack and the illustration was a guy shouldering what appeared to be a a Winchester level action towards an on coming grizzly while his setter was beginning to engage with the bear...
  2. Ed L.

    The old outboard is on its way out.

    Thanks for all your input. I made a decision. I have been completely satisfied with my Mercury for years. I have 4 shops in my area that sell and service Mercury's but when it comes down to it every shop offered me a no hassle price that was with in $10 of each other and the best price was $7k...
  3. Ed L.

    Field & Stream

    You have to take into account the new owners are Morgan Wallen and Eric Church. I'm not in a big hurry to hit the news stand. My personal opinion of course.
  4. Ed L.

    Quill, take two

    Quill is a mighty fine looking pup. I wish I'd thought to build something to train my Lucy from. At the time we were hunting from a ground blind but when we went to hunting from a boat or a river blind she would not retrieve it she can't feel the ground. Those are all days in the past now that...
  5. Ed L.

    The old outboard is on its way out.

    Lots of positive info here. Online Outboard always comes up in conversations and I've looked at their offerings through the years. I'm going to take a drive today to the shop that Suzuki shows as a repair facility and check them out. My old Merc still runs fine but the lower unit is starting to...
  6. Ed L.

    The old outboard is on its way out.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on buying an outboard online? My old 40hp Mercury is having some issues and the quotes are $600 - $1500. It's a 1996 and I'm thinking it's had a good run. Throwing $1500 at it probably isn't a wise decision. Add another $500 and I'd have a fair down payment on a new...
  7. Ed L.

    Canoe racks?

    Thanks Chuck, I'll look into this.
  8. Ed L.

    Home from surgery

    I'm hoping for a speedy recovery Dave. Glad she's home.
  9. Ed L.

    Canoe racks?

    I'm having the same problem trying to find a rack for my Tundra. A 5'-6" box makes it hard to carry a 17' Grumman canoe. No one sells just one roof rack and I'd like to find a bed rack that I can still use my tonneau cover but no such luck.
  10. Ed L.

    Duckboat Taxonomy

    Double end
  11. Ed L.

    Who remembers

    Rick, I asked that question on legality on using a drone to check my spread. Attached was my answer.
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  13. Ed L.

    Who remembers

    I miss those old shows. My dad and I watched religiously. In Fisherman was a favorite because it was filmed on waters we would fish on vacations. Times have sure changed.
  14. Ed L.

    Tree shares monster limb with my travel trailer

    Sorry to hear that Dani. Is your TT under any warranty? I will tell you do not remove any interior or exterior shroud on the AC before the adjuster gets there. That's one of the first things they'll ask and if you tell them you did they will most likely deny a claim. That's coming from a RV...
  15. Ed L.

    FREE BBSB !!!

    How much repair is needed? Not sure I could swing it but I'll be in Ellenville, NY about a hour away the 4th of July weekend. I'll bet it's long gone by then. Sweet looking boat.
  16. Ed L.

    Just one fish

    Nice cat! Our resident momma mallard that nests in our tree has hatched and all ready vanished. Currently we have 4 pairs of geese with roughly 12 goslings each running up and down the river bank. Turkeys in the woods across the street. I haven't seen any fawns but they are here. Also fox with...
  17. Ed L.

    Hunting History Meet Up !

    Looks like I'll be a day late. I have to have the wife to O'Hara Sunday morning for a flight out for work. Can't convince her to go to a decoy show.
  18. Ed L.

    Change To Federal Mallard Pop Goal and Impact on Seasons

    This has been interesting and everyone has made some valuable thoughts to ponder. I live on the Mississippi River where the river runs East to West I watch several waterfowling sites as I'm sure you do to. Many state the migration only goes to the snow line these days as winters don't get cold...
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  20. Ed L.

    I don't know about this shotgun gizmo.

    Not going to lie. I've never been good at pass shooting or guessing range over open water. For $20 bucks I may have to try one. To be able to sell through Amazon they must sell a few.