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  1. jwking

    Adrenaline Building!

    talk to ya soon then.
  2. jwking

    Adrenaline Building!

    your still welcome to head across the river and hit the timber over here again.
  3. jwking

    Question for the black powder guys...

    hows this for BIG BORE black powder ? how much powder you need Steve ? i have access to about 5k lbs :) scary thought huh....... [inline DSCF3902.jpg] oh and Kristian , i found your hat.
  4. jwking

    eagle pics

    thought you guys might like this...
  5. jwking

    Cannon Stolen in Michigan! Need your help

    i know what you mean , last year at TRAIL OF HONOR i was all dressed up in the civil war stuff and talking to one of the seal team guys about their boat. He asked what I was thinking about so hard , i told him i was just wondering how many feet I could run with that Dillon before they nailed me...
  6. jwking

    Cannon Stolen in Michigan! Need your help

    Gentlemen, The owner just called me to report that the Alger 6 pdr and trailer have been recovered. The crooks stole it for the winch and batteries and a "good sameriten" returned it. This all because every artillery unit in the US put out the word in a flash.
  7. jwking

    Cannon Stolen in Michigan! Need your help

    i got this notification from our Battery Sargent , if anyone happens to see any of this equipment Please notify the Police. Thanks for any help you can provide. This is one hobby thats actually more expensive than duck hunting ! Stolen Cannon By:John Hughes Date: Wednesday, 6 January...
  8. jwking

    This next week will make or break our season:

    I'm with ya on this one Carl ! looking forward to this weekend , will be on the river since my timber places will be frozen !
  9. jwking

    Hail call to Kristan

    krissy, i don't go back to work until jan 4 , so if you feel like it gimmie a shout on the way over. 601-383-bird (2473)
  10. jwking

    recipe for butter-duck squash

    first .....find a butter-duck squash
  11. jwking

    my big ole johnson

    yep , , its "not news"
  12. jwking

    my big ole johnson

    what the heck did you think..............
  13. jwking

    Possible Move to Louisiana

    Dangit Kyle !!! i said nobody hunts them !!! did you not hear me !!!! nobody ! ( shhhhh internet scouters ) it is funny to see the big rafts and hear everbody looking at them say , aw crap , no mallards , just sh*t birds. sounds like a Duckboats diver hunt in the works !!!
  14. jwking

    Possible Move to Louisiana

    Nobody hunts divers here , sheese ! we need to talk before you go to the "RES" , there is an imaginary line that you can't hunt below , i can show ya :)
  15. jwking

    Possible Move to Louisiana

    flying into Jackson-Evers "INTERNATIONAL" airport ( there's no sarcasm font ) and then driving to Monroe on 20 west , he would pass right by me , so yes.
  16. jwking

    Possible Move to Louisiana

    never hunted there but it looks promising... raymond Ms isn't that far from Monroe , ( couple of hours ?) got a few places we can go . Just gimmie a shout if your going to be in the area .
  17. jwking

    Possible Move to Louisiana

    I think that would put you half way between me and scary is that!!! cross the river and your almost in my backyard ...... you know the door is always open.
  18. jwking

    Thank you...

    great news bud , been praying for ya.......
  19. jwking

    Sea Coots!

    hey man , congrats ! good luck with tide next time , A whole lot different from down here isn't it ?