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    There are quail in WA too

    Thanks for the post Dani. Great photos.
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    Where did I go wrong in life

    Don, I remember that post. Has it been that many years? Thanks for reposting it.
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    Bucket list item: no ducks or boats.

    Talking about penetration with arrows, I saw a video recently of a guy doing a short experiment comparing stone tipped vs steel single blade heads.. Three shots with stone were almost complete in and out hits on a supported, ungutted deer. Three hits with the steel broadheads weren't quite as...
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    What have I got and what would you do?

    Shawn, that refurbish turned out great. Good job. Now go have fun with it.
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    Bucket list item: no ducks or boats.

    Mike, congratulation. Huge bull. Interesting about how tough the meat is. I've always heard people talk about how good bison meat is, but every piece I've tried, burger, steak, whatever has been tough. But it was always cooked by folks who've never dealt with wild meat before so seemed...
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    A most definite brag

    Dani, Sounds as if you two are having a good trip. He's a good looking guy. Get out and find more roosters. Kevin
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    Searching for info of someone maybe near Brighten Mass.

    Nate, Haven't tried those avenues yet, just getting this started. Thanks for the suggestion. Kevin
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    Searching for info of someone maybe near Brighten Mass.

    Bill, thanks for the effort. Dad has done that without any luck so far. There are some letters posted online between her and her sister during the war in which they were discussing my dad and his finding those is what got his interest up. The search continues. Kevin
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    Searching for info of someone maybe near Brighten Mass.

    Hi Folks, Talking with my father a little while ago he is trying to locate a woman that he used to dance with when on leave from his Destroyer Escort during WWII. Her name is Dena Cugini and was from the Brighten Mass. area. He does not know where she may be now, if even alive. Doesn't know...
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    I'm going to CROW!!!!!!

    Simple method to get sharks to come in. Go out wading in waste deep water, catch a whole bunch of speckled trout and redfish, put them on a stringer tied off at your waste. keep fishing. When you feel a tug on the stringer look over and grab that sharks tail. That'll get your pressure up for...
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    I'm going to CROW!!!!!!

    Dani, you'll have fun for sure. Nothing about catching gators is boring. I think that catching sharks is only thing that would equal it, fishing that is.
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    Congratulations Dani. Now try and get some of those other LE individuals out on a hunt or two so they can have a better understanding of our world.
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    Devlin bluebill build thread.

    Hang in there and get recovered Paul. This is starting to get real interesting now. Your doing a great job on that duck killer.
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    Living the Moment

    Al, thank you for that great read. It reminded me of the many times I've been up in the high places, Colorado, Wyoming, here in Washington, just sitting, listening. Did I really hear a rock roll? Every foot print I make, along with those of all the elk and deer, changing the mountain. Did I...
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    Bluebill Banding 2014... (Rekindling an old post...)

    In the picture of Mr. Afton holding the two buffies, it appears the one in his right hand is actually an immature drake, the bill is blue tinted as opposed to the one in his right hand, which is brown colored. Great work with all those bands going out. t.
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    Some pics---NDR

    Al, that pic of Chip just sitting near the camera made me think of just reaching out and scratching his head and ears. That tree trunk laying behind the Mule could make some interesting decoys. Thanks for the pics.
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    How Do You Carve Your Decoy Heads

    That about does it.
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    The Christening

    Todd all I can say is thanks.
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    Let me introduce myself.....

    Welcome Bob, Glad to have you onboard and please add anything you can to whatever. Sounds as if you may have a great deal of knowledge we could all benefit from.
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    Thanks for that reminder of growing with the tutelage of your retriever. Al, I hope you are keeping a copy of these stories you let us share. They may be classics one day.