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    Momarsh Fatboy DP motor bracket height question

    Height is 9.25 inches
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    Sneakboat Dilemma

    I too hunt NJ. I hunt 3 different boats depending on the area and weather conditions, Hunt mostly alone 12ft Roy 13ft Momarsh Ftaboy DP 1240 County line.
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    Trailer needed

    Franklin Trailer, Spring Garden marine, Salem boat exchange
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    Are people really like this???

    I think it's mostly the up-and-coming waterfowlers. You waye to them and they stick their nose up at you. I was out with a buddy who got stuck on some tree stumps and some kids blew by him with their surface drive motor not caring about safety at all. These were the same group that I shined a...
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    County line Boats?

    I too have been looking into these boats as well. One thing that is stopping me is where I need to get to most of my spots, you have to go thru big, fast water. Not sure how it would handle the chop. Looking into more of the 10ft model
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    How to get my boat on the water

    How about using a tilt trailer?
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    Northern Flight Marsh Seats

    My Avery did the same thing. I carefully removed the stitching on the cover. Got a piece of 3/4 pressure treated plywood and cut to the exact size. Instead of using screws on the bottom I used flat head machine bolts with fender washers to hold the base on. Once that was done I sprayed the snot...
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    Outboard Motor Covers

    I actually do the same but once the bag is split, I then take tennis netting and attach it to the bag. Then tie my grass to the netting
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    Outboard Motor Covers

    Check this one out Custom Decoy Bags - Custom Decoy Bags by Diane
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    SUCCESS !!! need outboard repair thoughts from the brain trust.

    Carbs could be gummed up. I had a Suzuki DT25 that did the same thing. Had all 3 carbs clean and adjusted then it ran great
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    Guided Hunts

    Thanks for the info. I will look into them when I get a chance
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    Guided Hunts

    Looking to do a guided hunt around the 2nd week of December with my son in the following states. TX, OK, KS, or MO. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John
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    Solid copper rivets / push pole

    I would use a stainless bolt and a lock nut. I have the same push pole and that's what I did. Where did you find that style of push pole head?
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    Does anybody remember the Rocky Point Resort Hunt

    Wasn?t Rocky Point an amusement park in Warwick Rhode Island?
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    This is disturbing

    And I thought NJ was bad
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    New boat, need battery help

    This is what I use for my E-Tec 25 weighs about 24lbs.