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  1. Troy Fields

    SeaDuck Boat pics

    Here's the potential for a good beginning. FB market place
  2. Troy Fields

    SeaDuck Boat pics

    I have seen all kinds of rigs on the water. It really depends on the area you'll be hunting and the conditions you'll see there and also how many people do you think will be with, including dogs. Gear takes up a ton of space, both safety and hunting gear. I've hunted inside harbors from a...
  3. lund and devlin.jpg

    lund and devlin.jpg

  4. bailey boat2.jpg

    bailey boat2.jpg

  5. bailey boat.jpg

    bailey boat.jpg

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  7. Troy Fields

    Canoe racks?

    I have turned a 2x4 on edge and U-bolted it to my rack to give added height before. Then run eye bolts to tie into. Has worked on all my truck racks. But I still would turn my square-stern canoes around. Those 4' beds can really be a challenge. I have often thought of a hitch extender even...
  8. dodge with canoes.jpg

    dodge with canoes.jpg

  9. Troy Fields

    Quill, take two

    No, I haven't been up for couple years now. I will have to remember the bait bag trick though, I am always looking for the "right-sized" rock to tie up. Nice you had one great day, pretty sure I know the pond. I have only ever there fished that once, and that was years ago.
  10. Troy Fields

    Quill, take two

    We'll have to get out again sometime so you can see her in action. Good luck at Baxter, I'm envious.
  11. Troy Fields

    Quill, take two

    I agree, I always look forward to fall, but this one will have a little more meaning.
  12. Troy Fields

    What's On Your Workbench -June

    It will be a black duck for the first hunt, then most likely be painted into a drake eider and accompany Quill and me on our sea duck trips. It really depends on how the black duck paint job comes out. I'm much more comfortable doing eiders.
  13. Troy Fields

    What's On Your Workbench -June

    Aside from a sea duck repaint, I'm pretty sure I haven't posted here regarding decoys. I'll simply leave the carving to the talented ones, but after Pearl passed I felt that I owed her to at least try to do a decoy urn. The wood is from a pine tree that came from my land, the tools used...
  14. pearl decoy2.jpg

    pearl decoy2.jpg

  15. Pear decoy1.jpg

    Pear decoy1.jpg

  16. Troy Fields

    Quill, take two

    It's hard to believe that Quill is already 6 months old. Since our return trip home from VA in March it has been puppy play and training. She is progressing nicely and I don't have any doubt that we'll be ready for that last weekend in Sept. Following are some snapshots in time from the past...
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