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    Jerrie Burkhart - been absent for a few years - forgot my password but reset - this is one or my...

    Jerrie Burkhart - been absent for a few years - forgot my password but reset - this is one or my first duck sites I was ever on and always enjoyed it - hunted with the Mighty Layout Boys from long point to the Mississippi River
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    What's on your Work Bench ? JULY 2018

    May be my favorite bird - not necessarily to eat but love the male colors- nice bird!
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    For Sale - MLB Classic layout boat

    Boat is in excellent condition - used a few times in Canada - front and rear anchoring systems included - $900.00 - Located in Logansport Indiana - call with questions 574-721-4382.
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    Wis Boz

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
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    Looking for opinions...Acrylic custom duck calls

    Check our Bob Furia's calls - double reed - don't take much air - very ducky sounding with a little practice! Practice is the secret to all calls!
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    PLEASE READ - Lee Harker Legacy Fund

    You betcha - let's make a plan for next year - would be a gas - email me Dirty!!!!
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    PLEASE READ - Lee Harker Legacy Fund

    I float one of Lee's teal decoys every opening day in remembrance! What a guy!
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    Cans on the Detroit River

    What a breath taking photo for duck lovers - on there way to Long Point I hope!!!
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    I hope to see you again Mikey....

    Had the pleasure of hunting with Mikey ( yes he brought Steve along) in Washington State a number of years ago - It was a hunt I will never forget - I will never forget the way that Mikey searched the sky for birds.....Rest in peace!
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    Interesting note in today's paper

    Been legal to own for ever - used to be a 5 dollar stamp but Feds to 200 bucks.......very extensive background check.......good one for about 300 bucks - makes a very effective squirrel hand gun.....squirrel gravy yum yum!
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    I don't think I can bring myself to make another post...

    What a great guy to share a hunt with - Lee was a special guy!!!!!!
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    Vintage Nash Buckingham Hunting Movies

    I think there would be interest in the duck hunting community.
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    Veteran's Raffle for Veterans Day...

    What a thoughtfull thing to do - Mr.Gregory you are a Class Act!
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    Decoy pictures from Manitoba

    Doug - There is a poem written by one of the Ward Brothers that will explain the joy you brought to that old decoys soul.......Look it up
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    Vote for this year's Traveling Decoys...

    Give me the Red Head - Apple Heads are a favorite.
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    Ptarmigans and sea ducks

    Ian Feir - now that is a name from the past - had the chance to hunt pool #9 on the Mississippi with a group that included Ian and Lee Harker - Don't remember shooting alot of ducks but do remember eating the Lobster Ian brought from the North - I do believe the Fat Boyz group was started on...
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    No sheeps this year.

    Always great to follow you and Mac on your adventures in paradise ! P.S. your Buffy decoy is still hunting the bays of Lake Erie and lakes of Indiana - he seems to be quite content.
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    A favor to ask,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Prayers with You!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wood Duck Boxes

    Can anyone steer me in the direction of some paterns - I can make out of wood or metal.....Thanks in advance........Jerrie
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    The great Stuttgart Splashdown -PART VIII (final installment) NEW 3/3

    Bob - I look forward to this story like a kid at Christmas - Thanks for taking your time............