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  1. Nick Zito

    Duck cleaning

    Mike-SID has one that I've borrowed that works real good on ducks. Vacuum connects to the hood so you can suck all the feathers up and not turn your lawn, garage, other space loved by your spouse and constantly ruined by your activities into a feather garden. Didn't work so hot on geese, mostly...
  2. Nick Zito

    NDR - large rodents

    Dani, they will do all the work for you, for a price. You can also send them dried hides. If you check out their website and catalog (link below), you'll see the rates. I don't know anything about tanning, but skinning and drying I can handle for sure. The bedspread is 17 beaver pelts. Wouldn't...
  3. Nick Zito

    NDR - large rodents

    The 4 springs are brutal setting with hands and waders, but I will attest they'll jump through a lot. Snow; mud, you name it. They like to grab your fingers too! Either way, we are happy. We are resetting next week closer to home on a nuisance property in neighboring town owned property. Less...
  4. Nick Zito

    NDR - large rodents

    All beaver so far. We haven't set for anything else yet. The girls got a bunch of 110s from our colleague who has watched them grow over the years, but we haven't set them yet. There are a number of duke 1.5 long springs as well I. The trap shed, also not set yet. In addition we have some of the...
  5. Nick Zito

    NDR - large rodents

    And apologies, I can't figure out how to rotate these darn photos
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  9. Nick Zito

    NDR - large rodents

    The whole family got our trapping licenses this year, and since you have to be 12 to hunt in CT, but there's no minimum age for trapping (basically 10 to get the license), we took took the opportunity to get the girls out in the field doing something new for all of us. Rose will be 12 during...
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  13. Nick Zito

    NDR: Turkey Shells?

    They seem too expensive to me. I've have the big birds standing on the end of my layout blind during early goose here. Could have clobbered them with my stock if they were open for firearms. That being said, if you only fire off one or two shots a year, maybe it's worth it. I just stuff the...
  14. Nick Zito

    Kobuk wader review

    Very curious on these as mine 1600g cabelas have a leak. Where do they define what's stout vs regular?
  15. Nick Zito

    Sneakboat Dilemma

    I think the folks who originally bought them finally are aging out of them, or the fact that most of the duckwranglers are 20 years old and it's time to fix things
  16. Nick Zito

    More Plans Added In Resources

    Unless you're in Nova Scotia... or so I hear
  17. Nick Zito

    Sneakboat Dilemma

    I've hunted in Mike SIDs rich built/sold duck invader 13 and it certainly hides better than my duck wrangler 15. I wouldn't want to hunt 2 with it all the time, it's low seating. Personally the DW15 is kind of a "best of both worlds" boat for my crew. It seats 3 with the blind up, though snug...
  18. Nick Zito

    Season in review -Part 2

    Looks wonderful Brad! What boat are you running in these photos?
  19. Nick Zito

    Duck Water 13' Mini Mee Hull Reinforcement

    Isn't that thing like .19" aluminum? The floor bounces on my glass duck wrangler in the wake but with aluminum I'm kind of surprised. Now my raddison, sure. Agree with Carls question
  20. Nick Zito

    Bankes Dominator Jack plate?

    Steve, I have a Duckwrangler 15 with a hydraulic jack plate and it's great with my Suzuki DF40 mounted to it. Can get very skinny with it. Highly recommended. Mike-SID has one on his duck invader 13, not to speak for him but I think he has the same opinion. It will mount in the existing...