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  1. Lee Harker

    bb3 with base coat

    Looks ready for a test drive. Very nice work Brian.
  2. Lee Harker

    Pigeon fun !!!!

    Are those crows on top Bryan? Hunting hay bales?
  3. Lee Harker

    I wonder if I'll get a bill?

    Got a big ol envelope full of emails today from The Houston Hospital...was almost 2 bucks worth of postage. Thanks guys, they were great to read and Wiz Boz made my wife laugh.
  4. Lee Harker

    Long read, but worth it.

    There is a movie coming out about this. Kevin Bacon is the officer escort. I saw some previews and it looks like hollywood treated it right. I want to see it when it hits the theaters.
  5. Lee Harker

    Hey Steve, I am hoping Harker doesn't mind but...

    That's how I trim my snaggly toenails.
  6. Lee Harker

    Hey Ol Timer...Yeah You!

    I see myself more as Eddie Murphy's, Mr Robinson. I'll pass right now,have company coming over to look at me.
  7. Lee Harker

    Hold on fellas

    Mark, check your pm, that sounds like a great idea. Thanks man.
  8. Lee Harker

    Best design for no trailer

    Last time I did that was with my MLB Wigeon. Good thing I took it to my lake cabin cause I wasn't gonna try and load it back up. When I was in my 20's it wouldn't have made me breathe hard.
  9. Lee Harker

    Saturday Goose Class at the Rutgers Institute

    Do not drink the green beer from the huge bottle.
  10. Lee Harker

    Hold on fellas

    Tod, put it on my bill. Mark, I have your info saved in my message box Pat, no decoy carver is going to waste 500 bucks on a "night out" when there is decoy stuff to spend it on. ;)
  11. Lee Harker

    Those of you who carve Black Cork...

    It is more elastic so it shrinks and swells with the gym floor. It is also, as it has to be...tougher than hell.
  12. Lee Harker

    Hold on fellas

    Heysoos B......I think you just cracked one of my ribs with that one.
  13. Lee Harker

    Those of you who carve Black Cork...

    I found a ball point pen in a block of black cork. I like the way BSC floats better than Tan or wood. My first attempt at carving was with BSC and I used a fordom tool. two seconds and I was ready to quit and never carve again. I will never touch a power tool to black cork again....cept the...
  14. Lee Harker

    Before I run out and find...

    That pic of the sign doesn't do it justice. Couldn't believe it when Bob gave it to me. Bob, that new hen frond pinnie is my favorite frond so far. We need yo have a MLB shoot at Long point next season and see if she will bring in some boyfriends.
  15. Lee Harker

    Hold on fellas

    I am home in Sturgis now. This has been a clusterpuck of sorts. Cheryl and I flew to Houston Monday, saw my MD Anderson Doctor Tuesday and flew home Yesterday. The Dr and us decided that we can undergo the treatments hers at Uof M instead of staying down there. There was nothing special that...
  16. Lee Harker

    You Michigan guys must see these everywhere in the winter.

    One in every garage here. I'll have to show that to my brother, he is a tractor luster
  17. Lee Harker

    I took Jane to Emerge for Valentine's...

    Oh man, that just has to sting. You better baby her for at least a couple days.
  18. Lee Harker

    Contacting MLB

    I don't know about pricing. I use a 1967 Merc 110 on mine. It's a bit much but it is what I have. Mark had the mud motor on one at my lake and went all over the place. It was like an all terrain boat. If you have a lot of muck, weeds,stumps and such, I'd say it is a good are right...
  19. Lee Harker

    ITX Shot

    According to Ballistic products it is. I wouldn't use BB in an old full choke barrel but that is just me. Were you going to load it with modern wads? I use Hevi shot in my 1950's Rem 11-48 28ga and haven't had any scratches. I used some nice shot in it with the petals cut off the wad so I could...
  20. Lee Harker

    Contacting MLB

    Thanks. I have a MLB Widgeon and may be able to answer some questions for you as long as they aren't technical.