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  1. Scott Farris

    What's on your workbench? July

    Ah, where's the head and galley? Just thinking with that large of a crew there will be needs. Looks SUPER!
  2. Scott Farris

    Canoe question

    Can't talk about aluminum thickness but a square end is a godsend if you're going to run it with an outboard. I tried using a side mount on my Great Canadian canoe. It worked okay with a wimpy electric but when I mounted a 2 hp Johnson to use in the CT river to fight the current, it was a...
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  4. Scott Farris

    Where to put the dog in sneak box small boat

    I have a 12 ft aluminum sneak box based roughly on a broadbill. I gave up on the classic spray shield and made a dodger for her. The dodger is large enough to fit a large lab under it with him sitting on the cockpit sole. I sit in front of him with my feet fit under the aft deck, my head and...
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  7. Scott Farris

    Advice for attaching Skeg to Hull.

    I'm piling on w/ Dave & epoxy, it's a Merrymeeting Bay Gunning Float, not a stump jumping surface drive battering ram. You don't need to breach the hull proper and it will be simpler to replace in the future if it's ever required. Scott
  8. Scott Farris

    1999 post on members ages.

    My personal files are clogged with copies of old posts and I thought this one would be fun - as in boy are we now old. A lot of the names are still around, some are ones we lost to soon and a bunch drifted off over the decades. And yes Eric was making us use our names even back then. Happy...
  9. Scott Farris

    Canvas Decoys. Scoter and Brant

    Vince, Just a bit of DHBP site history: When just about "everyone" was carving or foaming decoys, Chuck started to share pictures of his canvas creations. He was ribbed about being a seamstress and instead of taking offense and leaving or stopping sharing his efforts, Chuck good naturedly...
  10. Scott Farris

    SeaDuck Boat pics

    Hi Bob, Yes that is Paul in the picture, we had some good scoter shoots off the coast. Dominating my life at the moment is a 10 wk old BLM pup. We lost Jetty very unexpectedly to stomach cancer in Feb. He was to be our last canine buddy after 42 years of dog ownership. After a lot of soul...
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  12. Scott Farris

    SeaDuck Boat pics

    Hi Josh, Thanks for updating your name and location. Nice location by the way! I got to sail around there in the mid 70's, (pre GPS) fog was so much fun! And had a school buddy with connections to a camp on Isleboro for some scuba diving in the Fall. Add in a half dozen days sea ducking out...
  13. Scott Farris

    SeaDuck Boat pics

    For a first post this had to be pretty disappointing, not one picture from your request. I was hoping you’d get some new pictures posted but no luck. Capt Rich gave you some good if wicked generic input. So welcome to what is probably the oldest continuous operating (well we did spend a little...
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    rough return reduced.jpg

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