Couple recipes for someone not wild about wild duck

Mark W

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I'm not a fan of cooked wild duck. I eat it no doubt but not something I eagerly look forward to. Tried lots of recipes over the years and was given one yesterday that I tried today. It was so good I look forward to the next time cooked duck is on the menu.

I took a mallard I shot yesterday and cut the breast into bite sized chunks. Bought a jar of sliced jalapeños (choose your own heat level). I strained out the juice a reserving it and then marinated the breasts in this for about 2 hours. Took out the breasts and wrapped them in bacon. Threw them on the grill and mopped them with teriyaki sauce during the cook. Cooked them to medium rare/medium and took them off the grill. No heat from the jalapeños but seemed to remove much of the game taste.

Very tasty

Had one more as well

Marinated the breasts for 3 hours in a mixture of Lawry's Herb and Garlic marinade, soy sauce, Worchestshire and Emeril's essence seasoning. Removed and smoked over applewood until done. Not as good as the first recipe but both worked for me.

Mark W