Duck,goose,rail bird, in the swamp sandwich.

The last time I hunted Brigantine, we launched our boat from Leeds point. What we took for lunch was a small propane stove, a stick of butter, small pepper shaker, one Apple, about 5' of heavy aluminum foil, one loaf of seeded rye,that's all. After a pretty good morning shoot I started plucking 3 buffelhead and 1 goose. Meantime my brother set up the stove. We wrapped the breast, butter, Apple, pepper in foil envelopes and laid them on the stove for about 20 minutes or so. Those sandwiches were as good as it gets. We did keep the breasted birds in case a warden came buy. There were no leftovers. View attachment 1625574369646-274791290.jpg
Real birds, both Mud hen and Sora are generally under appreciated us a table fair. But I think they are delicious. Especially a beautiful bunch of Soras plucked and cooked with rice and mushrooms
Jodie your wright on about mud hens and soar rail birds. The only duck I can not eat is merganser, excepting the hooded merganser. Old Squaw ducks are a close second worst to my taste buds. In sixty years of waterfowl hunting I have only shot one American merganser and two old squaws to come to that conclusion. Bob.View attachment 1628460433695-1329584825.jpg
That's fairly accurate. I will eat Brant and blue bills. But Merganzer tough. I would imagine you'd have to use them in a recipe that is for liver plus fish! Lol