Heads up: Grumman Sport Boat for sale in TN

Larry Eckart

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Guys and Dani,
I have not posted in several months; still alive and kicking. Have been doing some good damage with channel catfish on Jordan Lake here in the Raleigh area. Not trout, but its local!

I stumbled across a 15' Grumman Sport Boat for sale for $500 in Charlotte, TN on Facebook Marketplace. Looks to be in great shape although a falling tree punched two holes that have been repaired.

Since this boat is favored by many duck hunters, I thought I would pass the info along to my friends here. You don't find Sport Boats in the mid south very often.

Hope you all are well.


No problem. I left a pointer in the main forum so folks will know it's here and things like it go here. That's a neat boat.