Kalash layout boat rebuild

bob welsh

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I tore into the boat today and did most is the demo. I have owned this boat since 1984 and will be the second deck. It's lived partially covered most of the off season but stayed out a bit too long last season.
I am thinking about redesigning the deck and combing and possibly build a fixed spray shield. It will add height to the profile . I'm thinking in the style of a Banks boat or a Core sound type boat. Any thoughts?
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My friend added a 5 inch high fiberglass ring around the two man boat he used to have and I hated it. The boat was big enough without adding the height and sharp angle. It stood out a lot on calmer days.
I added the foam some years ago and it was a bugger to get out because it was stuck to the deck where the wood was still good . I don't know if i will put any back. It may have trapped water in there.
I'm thinking of strip planking the deck as i have a good supply of clear red cedar on hand and i can shape it to the design of the combing better than ply. If i go that route.

Oh this looks like it's going to be a really satisfying restoration. I'd like to feature it on the duckboatsdotnet Instagram account if you are okay with that. Let me know.

More demo today. Pulled all sorts of fasteners out of the boat. I made templates of all the pars and took measurements of everything I could think of. It will help me but I don't know if it will help anybody else but at least i have them. The framing is standard 2x6 construction lumber and the bottom is 3/4 ply. I'm guessing the tub is 1/2 inch ply.Nothing is straight but it's mostly solid. On these the deck is fastened directly to the bottom with nails and screws and fiberglass was applied to that edge. I think I will install a chime log and give the future fasteners more biteView attachment EA972D72-232C-4590-B132-2671778D72A4.jpeg
Good morning, Bob~

I'll be following this project closely!

I have long been a devotee of "fixed" spray shields up around the head of the gunner on layout boats. The advantages of hiding "swivel heads" and keeping the wind out pay off irrespective of weather and sea conditions. I plan to put one on my next Sneakbox restoration.

Here is a canvas one ny Benjamin Hallock Great South Bay Scooter- paired with a canvas 'lap cover" for more hide and warmth whilst gunning.

View attachment 8 - Lap canvas.jpg

And here is a rigid 'glass one a Dodge & Krowl GSB Scooter.

View attachment C 05 Lap cover - gunning.JPG

Here is the hide. The coaming is low - maybe 1-3/4 inches above the deck - so the view to the rig is unimpeded.

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The lap cover rolls onto the after deck when not needed.

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I have never gunned from a Great Lakes-style boat - with the adjustable spray curtain/skirt. Maybe a combination of a rigid cowling up forward and a canvas skirt would meet your needs.

I use a separate canvas cockpit when not in use.

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All the best!


Thanks for the photos Steve. That gives me good reference.I am waiting to see when I have it planked up to make the call.
Today I started strip planking the topsides. I had a bunch of clear red cedar that I used instead of normal plywood. I scrounged this from an old sauna being torn down. It was only 7 feet long but I just butt joined it at the framing . I ripped the tounge and groove off first then cut the boards into strips 1 inch wide . it handled the curve of the deck well . Used tite bond 3 to glue the edges and sunk a couple of nails into the edge locking all the planks together and where the planks intersected the framing.I ran everything long and I will go back and trim up later..
I closed up the cockpit by sistering a full deck curved frame at the first knee. I also was able to give myself an inch more boot space.