Kalash layout boat rebuild

I have been working on the cockpit and built up the combing 3 inches higher than before. I used the stripper kayak method of gluing the little strips in a vertical fashion to make the combing curve then glassed over for strength. I then got the steamer going and bent ash around the whole thing. I broke a bunch. Never happened that bad before. The project is proceeding .
Spent some time with the belt sander today. I went in a diagonal direction using 36 grit belt. Fairly aggressive . Returned the other direction in a diagonal fashion then another final pass with the grain. Worked well. I ran my hand over the surface and marked the low spots . I went over those with epoxy resin and then mixed up some cabosil thickens epoxy and filled those spots.View attachment E378B47F-8E5F-430E-AED8-B35183FF891D.jpeg
Eric Patterson said:
Beautiful! Might end up being the best looking Kalash of all time.


I think he has succeeded there already! I really am enjoying watching the progress.
Knocked the hard edges off the deck and bottom joint. I don't know if that's the chine on this type of boat but you get the idea. That's all that was done on the original build. Most likely polyester resin. Working outside,gust of wind put a lot of crap in my wet layup. It will sand off. Need to order some supplies and rain in the forecast so i'll lay off for a bit. Lots of decoys to repaint.View attachment 7BE34930-CB7E-4B9E-89AD-4544A559D55F.jpeg
I'm doing the work at home. I've got enough to keep me busy at the cabin. I'm in MN now for 10 days.