Modern Day Bernegat Layout! Four Rivers

Anthony Babich

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The latest addition to the fleet! Ordered a new 4-Rivers Migrator this spring. Added a few customizations spray-shield, custom frame, Beavertail cover, Transom brackets, Hydro-turf. I needed something both lightweight yet stable able to get into the skinny waters of the salt-marshes of Long Island. Perfect lil setup almost ready for the new season Just needs grass! Highly recommend these boats if you are looking for something similar :

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My buddy just got his migrator a couple weeks ago. I have a refuge runner and last year was my first time hunting from it. Incredible marsh boats!

I've never seen one with the spray shield but that looks like the ticket for the salt marsh!
Paul Taylor said:
Rossja said:
Does anyone here have the EBADS? I've been debating

I have a buddy with the EBADS, he loves it and it's an incredible rig for hunting the Gulf marsh.

I'd slap an antique johnson 2 stroke on that thing and run south jersey marsh