Teal around the corner


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Annual weekend trout trip to PA over. Over 100 wild brook trout of all sizes all caught on dries and released in two days of fishing. Only one rattlesnake encounter in same area as two years ago.

On to teal in 4 weeks. Lot to get ready.
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Great fishing and pictures rf. Love the vest, I have the same one and it is 20 years old. Been looking at the headwaters area of Kettle for a late season weekend short backpack trip. When it cools down a little.
Beavers have really changed a significant section of the stream. Good for trout population, but really changing flow of the water.
With beaver on that stream, sounds like it could be a good place for a pair or two of duck decoys and you sitting with your back resting up against a big tree. Great pictures, Robin. That is one of those trips where the memories never leave you.
Nice! Re: teal, saw what sure looked like a group of 5 blue wings pass overhead while pulling my boat out of a salt marsh launch site after stripper fishing last night. Way more action than the stripers gave me.
You know Al, I?ve never seen a duck up in that area. Below on the larger streams I?ve seen mergansers. The kingfishers do enjoy the ponds and one was very disturbed we had invaded his domain. But now with the new habitat maybe the woodies will find a home.