Tree shares monster limb with my travel trailer


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So, a monster pine tree limb was dropped onto my travel trailer yesterday. Shockingly, it did not crush my RV....mainly because of the amount of grape vines that were wrapped around the limb. One end of the limb was hanging out over dead air, totally supported by the grape vines. However, it did crush my air conditioner. I am working with insurance for repairs because I do have comprehensive on my travel trailer so we shall see how that whole process plays out. I have a bunch of pictures I need to get for them and then I'll find out if they will need to do an in-person inspection.

My question is how can I tell if there was structural damage to the internal supports of the roof if the tree did not actually punch through the roof? I will likely get a new AC out of this at least but I want to make sure that the supports inside the roof are still sound. Is there a way to do that inspection without tearing up the roof?

The limb is off the roof now so that at least is not a problem.

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Y'all sure have been getting smacked with storms all this spring.

Look for dents, sagging, wrinkles, creases, etc., on the roof and the interior ceiling.
When they replace the AC, they should be able to inspect the supports for it too.
Also closely inspect the edge seals to make sure they didn't separate.
On a travel trailer you may be able to tell by simply crawling around on roof in in damaged area and noticing any spongy feeling area as compared to areas untouched. To be sure though pulling inside ceiling cover material is best bet if reachable without a wall or cabinetry in the way. When removing cooling unit techs should be able to feel any play in roof trusses due to cracking if you ask them to check. And now that damage is done make sure no water gets in around damage till replaced. Moisture in a camper trailer roof quickly destroys it.
Sorry to hear that Dani. Is your TT under any warranty? I will tell you do not remove any interior or exterior shroud on the AC before the adjuster gets there. That's one of the first things they'll ask and if you tell them you did they will most likely deny a claim. That's coming from a RV repair guy we recently had to inspect our TT roof. We have a soft spot about 2' square and insurance rejected our request for a full roof replacement because they couldn't locate and verify a leak. The RV repair guy couldn't locate a leak either and said the fabric appears to be tight so it we do anything it's out of pocket. We're headed for Arkansas next weekend. If it doesn't blow off we'll decide what to do when we get home.
If it were me and I had insurance, I'd tell the insurance company that I thought there was damage and take to a repair shop for inspection. Let an expert figure it out.
I appreciate the advice. If I could guarantee a good repair company around me, I would happily take it there. I had my rv coated in RV Armor so they may have people who can do these inspections since they specialize in rv roofs. I have calls in with them for insurance purposes. I have not heard good things about the Camping World here so I hesitate to take the camper there. The corners/edges seem okay but the roof creaks around the sides of the AC. Which makes me truly question the structure of the roof. No apparent damage inside. Any suggestions for other RV repair companies, I am open to their contact info.