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Well fellas,

I have managed to re-up this years membership into the Beautiful Sunrise Club. This past weekend opened teal and woodduck season here in FL. I went out to a place where I had seen some teal and I figured I might have a chance at teal and wood ducks if I could get back to the back. It was a gorgeous sunrise.


I didn't stick around long. There was a nice breeze to keep the bugs away but I figured that with not even cormorants, red winged black birds or shore birds flying around, that I wasn't going to see much. I had only heard two shots all morning on the WMA anyway. Not much going on.

The previous evening, I had checked that WMA and then headed to St. Marks to check the ponds there. Those ponds are usually a good indication of what is down waterfowl-wise and how many there might be. I didn't see much but I did get to watch this gorgeous sunset. The flamingo was actually close but I didn't have my camera with me. Just my phone.


So, after loading the canoe back up I headed back to St. Marks to see if the flamingo would cooperate. I would say this answers the question of if a flamingo decoy would work in our spreads. So, get to work on making your decoys fellas!


I suppose that you could say I shot over my limit Saturday.


But the flamingo was quite cooperative.


Sunday I decided not to be up super early because I was going to check out a lake I had not yet visited. I am glad I didn't get up super early because this is what I saw. I didn't even get halfway to where I had hoped to get. You can see where the canoe path should be in the break in the cypress.


While I sat in the shade contemplating the lake, I did have a few blackbellies fly by in range. Watching them it occurred to me that it will likely be a pretty good blackbelly lake. So, I'll spend some time this fall trying to learn the lake a bit more.


I did find a spot that was not nearly so choked that has potential for a wood duck fly by. There was lots of food and I would think that the teal would have loved that area as well. Usually while I paddle though, I spook up SOMETHING. Even if it is from a ways off. Nada for Sunday.


So went my teal season......flamingo, alligators, a few teal chillin with the flamingo and blackbellies....all while working on my tan a bit.

Welcome to duck hunting in Florida.
Your photos and stories are a reminder that hunting is a pleasure, even with no ducks to shoot at.
Love it, I just came out of the mountains and see a fun post like that. Lotta bird life in those pics. Thanks!
Thank you for the pictures. It always makes the morning coffee better this time of year to see some photos of the early hunts getting started.

Those look like such healthy and thriving wetlands. Excellent pictures that make me want to be outdoors right now, except it is raining.