Been outa the loop the last year.....


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Have'nt posted much this year due to just having to many things going on! Plus, I am STILL getting caught up with being deployed to the middle east! 2006 has been a great year so far, and with duck season just starting to get here, I anticipate this year as one of the best ever......

It all started this spring, with me taking 4 longbeards in three different states. To say I had a good turkey season is an vast under statement. Here are the 4 birds from the spring season...



#3 with the other two beards......

and my 4th


Cool, you did have a great season!

What's you MOS? I was an 11-Bravo (Mech) in the AL Guard for 6 years. Never got deployed or activated though. Since I got out, my unit has been activated 3 times, all stateside. Twice for post 9-11 security missions and once for hurricanes.
Glad you made it back OK from the big sandbox. Thanks for doing your part.
I then switched gears and headed to Canada for our annual freelance furn....Only two of us went this year but I was with the man that showed me the ropes and with this being his 34th year in a row in Canada, he has learned a thing or two. Here are some pics....

First afternoon out of the gate.....






Heres friday morning.....

Friday evening......

Saturday morning was a QUICK hunt then we headed back to Indiana.......Its the only day we got any bling and I took it the LAST bird of the trip!!!!


With Canada behind me I switched gears and was thinking about DEER! I love bowhunting and just deer hunting in general. I lucked out and took a decent buck in Ky. but am still working on In!! Here is my 06 Ky buck.




Alot of you know that I am an avid predator hunter as well. Last year I took 38 yotes which is not bad for Indiana. I have only been out twice this year. My first time out I took a double and the next only one. Gonna try to break 50 this year!



With 06' being a great year in the making, I wanted to show a few pics of what I have been up to. I have had numerous emails and Pm's as where the heck I have been! Heck its been rumored I have even went off the deep end! Well, in closing, I have kept on keeping on, but I have just been not posting much. I am looking forward to alot more "Kodak" moments and seeing some familiar names and faces. If your season is just starting, I wish you all the best, and if it has just ended, its now time to start preparing for next year! I hope you have enjoyed just a little memories that I won't soon forget from my year of 2006.
Carl, first off, thanks to you for playing your part of freedom....Also, thanks for the comments. As for MOS, I have ALWAYS thought you can supprt the man or be the man, so I have ALWAYS been 11B!!!!!
Fantastic pics Kino! Thanks for doing what you do for our country! My momma however didn't drop me on my head, she always said ' why walk when you can ride' I was 19D Cav scout in the AL guard for 6 years before I got a wild hair and I went to OCS ... they made me a tanker then.

Scouts out!
That was my exact thought when I decided which Guard unit to join! I figured might as well be infantry, everything else is just supporting the infantry!

I have fond memories of IOBC at Benning. It was tough (for a guy still in college used to drinking beer everynight) but I actually had fun. It was the only extended time of active duty I had, so for me it was a good break from college & civilian life.
I was there when Irag invaded Kuwait. Talk about instant changes on a military base, the pucker factor went way up. Then brigade that supported the infantry school left. We had a interesting 4 months, no Bradleys, no SAWs, no airsupport, no mortar training, no helicopters, and almost (almost) no MREs. First time I ever got a bag lunch in the field! Tactical baloney sandwhich, gotta love it.

Are you still active? Any chance you will get re-deployed?
What do you guys do with all those birds as I expect it is difficult to take them across the border??

Where abouts in Canada did you hunt?
Wow! You're right that is a great year. Cool horns on that buck.
Thank you for serving our country.


Which unit were you in? I was in the 31st Support BN as a cadet and then in the 1/167th Inf (mech) Bn as an officer. Spent my time in Valley, Pelham, & Leeds, did my last stint as an ITV Platoon Leader.
Scout platoon for the 1/152 AR then I went to OCS and was assigned to A company, 3rd platoon ldr 1/152. We used to train a lot with the guys from the 1/167 scouts, good bunch of guys
What do you guys do with all those birds as I expect it is difficult to take them across the border??

Where abouts in Canada did you hunt?

Well what do you think we did....We ate them!!!! Fortunately, we know several locals that want them so we fix them up! As I said, my buddy that was with me has been there 34 years in a row now and getting folks to take birds is always a priority! In that many trips you develope alot of relationships. As for where in Canada, I will narrow it down......CANADA! Trust me on this....THERE ARE TONS OF FREELANCE OPPURTINITIES IN ANY PROVINCE!!!!!!!!!Plus, my spelling ain't worth a damm!
So somebody ate them...not you. Not my style of hunting. Hope you enjoyed your stay.

On edit:

I am glad that those birds did not go to waste and was not trying to imply that they did. It's just not what I was taught about hunting, we always ate what we shot...I guess when that many birds are in your back yard, it's tough to understand shooting as many as you can sometimes and perhaps it upsets me to see others do it. I did not mean to offend.
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Great pics and what looks like on heck of a season. Awesome mix of species in Canada.

I just drove accross IN last weekend and saw a bunch of yotes along the road and in some fields in the early morning. I swear we saw a cougar in Illinois or that possible?

Thank you for your service and keep giving all those critters hell and sharing the pics and stories with us!!

Thanks for posting them and a BIG thank you for your service. Glad you got some R and R across the border in Canada.
Very nice on the dogs, they seem to be like potato chips, however many you eat they just keep making more. Sounds like you better watch your six with Diana making trouble over there in the weeds. Good luck for the rest of the season. Glad to have you back home.
Great post thanks for sharing.

11 bang bang and "DATs" in the house huh?

Med. Troop, 3rd ACR, Supp. Squd comming back at you. "Brave Riffles".