BS1088 Okoume plywood source

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I know this has been posted a million times, but I didn't really pay much attention because I wasn't ready to order wood yet, now I am. A quick internet search showed three suppliers, I know there must be quite a few more, Noah marine, Buck Woodcraft and World Panel. I remember talking with the World Panel guy years ago, he was helpful and knowledgeable.

I notice the World Panel site shows his plywood having more plys than the Noah marine, example NM 9mm is 5 ply, WP is 7 ply, NM 12mm is 7 ply, WP is 9 ply. WP prices reflect that higher cost for more plys, NM 9mm is $72.50, WP is $83.60. With all of the other material cost and man, many hours of labor still to come, I don't want to skimp on plywood.

I live in NW Montana which is much closer to Seattle, so shipping might be an issue. Any suggestions on a good supplier for my location?
Portland and Seattle should have something...isn't there a sneakbox/guideboat builder near Billings? Big Sky or something like that? Maybe they would have some to sell.
Believe it or not we are almost closer to Seattle than Billings, East to west Montana is a big State. But no sales tax if I buy it in Montana, so Billing might be the way to go, too bad I just went to a field trial there two weeks ago.
I'm NOT saying it was definately Billings..could be Bozeman or Dillon area..just remembered there was a builder somewhere in a Rhode Island sized county out there. I think I'll hit Google and see if it comes up.
Well I just ordered my plywood and keelson lumber! The Missoula guy never called me back so I called Eden Supply, the Pacific NW marine lumber dealer Sam list as a recommended supplier. Their prices were way lower for the higher ply number BS1088 Okoume plywood, plus they are pretty close so shipping wasn't too much.

Now the nerves set in as I am now totally committed. I'll try to post pics as the project proceeds.
Now the nerves set in as I am now totally committed. I'll try to post pics as the project proceeds.

Naw.... Just wait until you fire up the saws!!! hehehe
Congrats on your new project.
I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.


Brian F.
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You're right Brian. I think when I cut my first piece of Okoume I didn't just "measure twice and cut once" I think I measured about 10 times and then waited another 24 hours to "think" about it. hehe