Chesapeake duck decoys

Hi everyone , moving out of the state ...Chesapeake duck decoys painted by Steve Sanford up for sale .. for pick up only ..
5 pins magnum size ( 3 drakes -2 hens ) with magnum Diane bag new never used 6 slots $390.
12 mallard ( 4 tuc -1 upright -1sleeper hens -same for drakes) with Diane decoy bag 10 slots new never used $605.
Decoys are in excellent condition. Hens mallard is not painted by Steve . Upright hen the bill broke and was repaired .
8 herters burlap bufflehead size not painted ..I was going to turned into teal decoys .$100

Jeff I believe Chesapeake Decoys were made from a very dense black urethane foam. At least mine are. Mimic the ride of cork in the water but are not self righting as from factory. When they were being produced in Berlin, Md. there was an ad out showing a pickup trk. running over body with no damage. Only issues i,ve ever seen with them is occasional beak breakage as it wasn,t reinforced with anything that i,ve seen. They are nice riding boat decoys.
Hi Jeff , sorry for the delayed response . As Roy said this decoys are very well made out of very dense compressed foam and very hard but they ride very well like corks decoys . I hate to sale them but where I am moving to I have no use for it .