Clearing want add posts

Brad F

Active member
I have a "T Shirt forum fundraiser" add currently on the classifieds. They have both sold. In the classified rules it says to add "sold" to the title line when it's done/sold but I am unable to do that? Might be me not being to bright or might be because I almost always only access the site via iPhone. Anyway, the add can be cleared. Glad to get the T's out to members that can enjoy them and add a few $$ to the site kitty.

You should be able to see a small "Edit" link under your post. Click it and it will allow you to change the title. If you don't see it something is wrong and I need to investigate. Thanks for letting me know.
dang it I was stumped. First time around I added "sold" on the last post but didn't try the first post that time?? Guess I didn't think I could alter the first entry. Then I tried again and could add sold in the first post text but like an idiot didn't try the title the second try. All my error. Works fine. Thanks