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Jeff Reardon

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I very rarely hire guides. The last time I did was with Troy Fields and two friends of mine to hunt sea ducks. Troy did his best, including an amazing piece of seamanship to get the boat anchored and decoys deployed, but we were truing to hunt in 35 or 40 knot winds that were kicking up big white caps on a protected salt pond. The pouring rain turned into a big dump of snow on my drive home.

A month or so ago I bit the bullet and hired a guide out of Falmouth on Cape Cod to take my brother in law out to chase false albacore for his 50th birthday. Here is today's forecast for Saturday, when we're supposed to be heading out at 6 am.

W winds 20 to 25 kt with gusts up to 35 kt.
Seas 4 to 6 ft.
Not exactly good conditions to stand on the bow of a center console and flail away with a fly rod. Especially with my 13 year old nephew along.

We're rescheduled--fortunately our guide Peter had a cancellation in early October. If I were you, I would not plan any outdoor activities in New England on October 8. Surely the fish and duck gods will not smile on you if you do.


Ya really lucked out that your guide could reschedule you. I wish you all the best of conditions and good fishing.

I took my first "far away" hunting trip in 1970, and many there after. No matter do it yourself or guided trips, with nature it's always a crap shoot. I figure if one out of three trips pan out I did good.

IMO guides don't get much sleep or proper rest trying to please clients. The good ones must really love what they do cuz the stress and $$$$$ surely is not worth what they do.

Yup, we be crazy, but in the best way... [;)]
Been there, done that.
Worst trip I ever had was a bottom fishing trip in 1999 with a colleagues who didnt live on the coast and this was their once a year trip.
Forecast was for 4-6' but it was more like 6-8'.
Captain said he'd reschedule but those guys wanted to go.
Half the boat, myself included, were fishin' & pukin' at the same time.

Sometimes the weather gods just need to have a laugh at us, I guess.
Sounds sporty! We canceled a trip out of Homer once when we got to the dock and the captain said ?I?ll take out in this stuff, but no guarantees I can bring you back?.
Yep, we definitely lucked out that Peter had an open date. But expect the Great October Gale of 22 to hit that day. Lol!

Hope our friends in Nova Scotia are hunkered down tonight. (Anyone heard from Shermie recently?). And looks like you Gulf coasters have some weather coming in mid-week.
Sucks that you had to reschedule....but lucky you could. Just reading those water conditions made me green.

We are definitely watching this storm closely. It is pretty far out still but the models so far keep having the storm shifting a little further north each day. Last night it looked like Ft Myers would be the bullseye. This morning Tampa. If Ian does what Irma did as strongly as Irma did, I will be getting the heck out of here. We got strafed by Irma but it was enough to know I don't wanna be here with another big one.