Dave Sikorski, Wilber is waiting for Woodrow.

Dave Parks

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Since Woodrow has been doing all the work so far, Wilber has been trying out his moves to attract other wood ducks so he can go hunting with Woodrow when he gets out here. This morning Wilber worked his stuff and brought in a dozen woodies and one drake mallard to the little pond by the house. Wilber and Woodrow should be able to get a limit between them.

Heck yeah, he's a handsome fella.

E-mail me your address. I'm gonna send you a bird to hunt over until woodrow gets there.

With all of those woodies out there, my rig is just wasting it's life away in my garage.

Will do Dave. I actually shot a greenheas this evening, but 95% of the ducks on my place are wood ducks. A man just has to work with what's dealt him....hehehehehe.

Thanks, it will get a work out!