Deep South Update

Kris Schaumburg

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Made a few hunts after turkey day. Picked up a new species (always exciting) in the form of fulvous whistling ducks from SW Louisiana. Shot blue geese, some beautifully plumed bw teal, mottled ducks (a local, and my personal favorite duck), greys, shoveler, and the park ducks (mallards). Also had greenwings, goldeneyes, scaup, pintail, specklebelly geese, and widgeon in identifiable range. made for quite the smorgasboard of species in two days of hunting. Yesterday, made a trip to extreme norther MS and ended with 17 between my father, brother, and myself. did much better than expected with the warm temps (77 here). Species included 9 mallards, 5 greys, and 3 woodies which put me at 8 species in 3 days. Not too shabby.
you got more than wood ducks ?!!!!

you obviously either have better spots or better drugs !
we ( I mean me ) got squat around Jackson ms