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Kevin Weir

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Hey guys, need to downsize and am wanting, well, need to let some things go. Prefer to sell to someone in the region who can come by and get anything they want.
Traditional archery gear, Bear 60lb recurve, Wing 45lb recurve, shafting, quivers, arm guard, gloves, broadheads, stringer etc. asking $300 for lot.
.22 Springfield semiauto rifle, $50
.38 Special S&W 4inch brass, primers, bullets $125 Sold
7mm magnum Ruger 77. with 2-7 scope. brass, primers $400
MEC reloader 12/20guage primers, $75
Rockcrusher reloader. $40
Dies for .357, ?41, 7mm remingotn magnum $10 each
6 foam snow goose dekes, $25
3-4 dozen plastic dekes, mallard, pintail, $50
lg, salmon landing net, $10
8 Victor D-9 decoys, mallard, canvasback, bluewing teal, $75
3/8 inch wire core rope for long lines, 100's of feet $20 Sold
Grizzly bandsaw with 6inch riser, $250 Sold
13foot sneak boat with trailer, $500
1980 E-150 Ford van, $500 SOLD

If any interest please email, can talk on phone if need more info.
Thanks, Kevin
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I'll be in West Richland in 2 weeks. Can you send pictures of the .38 and the band saw to
Unfortunately I can't find my camera lately or I would gladly post or send pix. The bandsaw is I believe the grizzly 0555 model and is only 3 years old. The S&W is probably 85-90% blue and a smaller frame. Would come with shoulder and belt holster, 2 speed loaders, some hollow points and glazer safety slugs. No rust or scratches.
Thanks for the interest. If you come down to West Richland I live just across the 240 bypass from there. Just 2 blocks off Van Geison.
Do you know what model the .38 is?
I am interested in both. If they are still for sale I will definitely come take a look. Sounds like you live within 2 miles of where I will be staying.

Sorry, but they are both already sold. Heck, I'd be buying them if I didn't have them.
When you come down, it would still be great to meet up. Maybe a beer or coffee?
It is 4 feet wide and very stable. Grass rails all the way round with removable rack walls for the back. Flat bottomed with some rocker to it. 8 inches of freeboard and coaming. Cockpit is about 6 feet if I remember correctly. Removable seats that can be adjusted as a backrest for laydown hunting. I have some netting that I lashed over the deck to the grass rails and stuffed with tules and other brush and it is invisable. Not a BIG water boat, but I used it on the Columbia without worry as long as staying close to shore and mostly in pockets and on bars.Dark gray paint.
Coffee sounds fine.Send me a PM wiht your phone number.I'll take a look at the sneak boat if you still have it. Storing another trailer may be a problem.....

If you buy the sneak boat, I could tow it to Spokane for you, Weekend of the 20th?.