Duck boat trailer SOLD.

I have an older Ez loader trailer that I have completely redone. I was going to buy a sneak boat for it but went with a pond box instead, so it needs to go. It has rollers upfront and tilting bunks in the back that swing on the cross beam as the boat is loaded or unloaded. The trailer has a new Fulton winch, new Fulton tongue jack, new wiring harness, new bulbs for all light, new bunks. Most E clips and washer were replaced on the rollers. Bearing buddies have been cleaned and grease. All bolts on tires have been cleaned and greased for easy removal. Tires hold good air and are in decent condition. Replaced license plate holder and sanded and painted metal fender flares. Trailer is pretty sound for an older trailer. It was used originally for a 17foot whaler. But would be perfect for a 12 to 14 bbsb or some sort of smaller duck boat. The trailer is located in Hampton Bays, NY. 11946. Pictures can be emailed. I will try and get some posted by the end of the week. I have registration in hand. Everything works. I will be traveling for work this week so can't show it until next week, but I figured I would get it posted early and see if I get any feedback. I have put a decent amount of time and money into this trailer so I am not going to give it away. It can be used the day you pick it up. Rims and axel are both in good shape. Frame is in perfect condition with no rust or bends. I am asking $450.00 for the trailer. That also includes two guide on posts with rollers to keep the boat strait on the trailer on those windy days. These are not mounted on the trailer but I will include them. Pick up and cash only. This is a great trailer for a small boat that doesn't need to be hauled that far, it is very lite weight, but not a cheesy wave runner trailer. Sorry forgot to mention it takes a 2 inch ball.
Thank you…
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I can email photo's of trailer?
Any interest?
Lets try $450. Everything has been fixed or replaced new.
Would be a great sneak boat trailer. Tilting bunks and rollers up front.
Regi in had.
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Paul, let me know if your trailer is still for sale... I can post the photos you sent me on this thread if you want.
I have gotten allot of calls, but no takers yet. The trailer is still for sale. I promise if you see it you will not be disappointed. Guild on posts and a few other odds and ends not pictured. I need it out of my yard, lets make a deal.
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