Face Masks (not the Covid kind)

J. Overland

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What are folks using for face masks? I purchased a mesh full face mask from Cabela's around 20 years ago that I really like. It doesn't have the wire over the eyes/nose like so many seem to, and fits perfectly. Because it's a light mesh it doesn't inhibit breathing or make me too warm. I can't find anything similar on the market today and I'm not a fan of face paint.
I like the SPF face buffs mainly sold for fishing in tropical climates. You can get them in just about any camo pattern, lightweight and easy to use.
Can you find a similar mesh and just sew it over the old face mask? Possibly just use the wire frame/fabric that you like?

I use a buff type but Steve never could because they made him way too hot. He used the type you describe. I suspect that the buff types would be too constricting for you.

I dislike the face masks I find at the stores these days that are mesh because they are typically just loos lumps of fabric. They get in my way.
This time of year, a buff. As it gets colder, fleece balaclava like this one. Though I think mine came from the local hardware store, not WallyWorld.

https://www.primos.com/accessories-and-gear/gloves-and-masks/ I prefer their stretch fit face masks. I like the 3/4. Just enough warmth to them for me during cold weather and can also run a call , drink coffee, smoke my pipe with it on due to mouth hole. Thier just a bit to warm though for the hotter days of late spring turkey hunting in my opinion. I use a drake mesh mask for that.
I used a mesh one for years and then switched to the buff type when I got glasses. I cut a hole for the nose and mouth to keep my glasses from fogging up. I like it better because I can easily pull it down over my neck when I don't need it. Just ordered more on amazon as backups. It doesn't get real cold here so I like the lightweight one made for fishing.
You mean like this? I have two of them that I got back around 02/03 and they are still doing the job. By the way, when you talked about the face mask used during the covid pandemic, I tried a black mask I used when I had to go shopping. I bought another one that I used for about a week of duck hunting and it worked just fine. Our weather tends to be on the warmer side down here so I much prefer the mesh type that I still wear while duck hunting. Hey, our season opens on Friday and runs to the end of January. That is exciting.