Garvey blinds??

Jay H

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Getting ready to paint my new 17 ft garvey tommrw then its on to the blind, i want to put a low profile blind on it, i plan on hunting of turkey stools about 6 inches off the ground. The lack of cover here in nj always makes me wonder why other guys have these big fast grass blinds on their boats when we pretty much have salt hay that averages 6-12 inches at best in most of our gunning areas.
Storming like crazy here right now. But Ill take a few pictures of mine tomorrow assuming it doesn't blow or wash away. Its about a 12 high blind.

This is probably a lot taller than you want. Although I agree that nothing hides in the salt meadows like a true grassboat - where you lay on your back and then sit up to shoot - I have seen rigs like this work very well. I think the key is hiding every part of the boat and every part of the gunners.

I built this in '94 for Fred Wertz - he built the 18' garvey - and DU rep Craig Kessler. The height of the "window sill" - when the flaps were folded down was, I believe, 34" above the floorboards. We sat on spackle buckets. The buckets - about 16" high - are great because you can stand to shoot if you like. The blind is 1/4" plywood with a canvas (Sunbrella) skirt. All 4 flaps were hinged - which really protects the grass. This rig was usually positioned next to Cordgrass stands - and was thatched with the same.


Here it is ready to shoot. If I made another for a big crew, I would split the front flap into 2 separate flaps.


My Dad - in the sealskin hat 2nd from left- shot a Canada the day this photo was taken - the bird was completely surprised when the flap dropped.

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Cool history there Steve. Makes me want to get the 35mm slides out and take a look back to when I was a kid hunting with my dad.
Jay I just made one out of 3/4 emt and Bimini hardware. It took under an hour and you can fit it to the boat i'll text you a pic later. its the easiest, cheapest best blind I've done

Yup. L-R: Craig Kessler, my Dad (Ted Sanford, Jr.), my friend the U-boat Commander ( a long story for another time), and Fred Wertz. Craig and Fred took my Dad (and me) gunning for many years. It was the highlight of my Dad's winters - he doubled on Brant (a tough right then left split) on his last voyage in January 2011 (age 85) and passed away just a few months later.

I am very lucky to have such memories!

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Steve- Thanks for sharing those older photos. I bet there are a bunch of guys on here that have some quality photos like this laying around. I really appreciate the yester-year photos. Lots of good memories captured in photos like these.
yes, I'm trying to get around to it things have just been very busy and I'm waiting to brush it up. as soon as I get a chance I'll snap some pictures.