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Hi, I'm Chance Zelkowski from the Thumb of Michigan I just joined the forum after hearing about it on Ramsey Russell's podcast. I was a member of some forums a few years back, but they all pretty much died off. I've been waterfowl hunting and into the history of it since I was a kid. (Still am to some of you I'm 24 lol) Since high school I've carved a few decoys but not many and still do. I've been learning from my dad Mike Zelkowski who has been carving for over 50 years. In recent years I've started to collect a few decoys. In fact, I just got back from the Ohio decoy show. Is anyone on here that went to it?
Welcome Chance to the best forum on the web!!!

I'd love to see pictures of some of your decoys...also glad to see young folk come hang out
I'm trying to post some pictures, but it says my files are to big for the server to handle.
Here are most of my decoys.


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Welcome to the DHBP!
If you are working off a laptop, you can use MS Paint to resize photos.
When you create a post, just hit the Insert Image button on the tool bar. Its next to the :)

The forum resizes big pictures, but if they exceed a size limit (can't remember what that number is off the top of my head) it won't process them. Perhaps they were from a digital camera at full resolution. Looks like you figured a way out to post them. If I need to bump up that max size limit I can. Also, you figured out one way of posting pictures. You can also make them full size in your post if you use the "Insert Image" button at the top of the post form.
Hey, Chance!

I met your Dad at the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association show a couple years ago. Nice guy....bought a set of feather stamps from him. Hope he comes back to that show sometime. Loved talking to him...you should tag along if you get the chance.
It is typically around the last part of August. If I had to guess, it will be August 24/25 this year, probably in Oshkosh again.
Gotcha unfortunately my line of work doesn't allow me to go to shows more than a few hours from home unless it's in the winter or early spring.