I still can't believe she is gone.

Evan Raulie

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Well as of today it has been 1 month since I lost my girl, and everyday I still can't believe it. Kimber was only on this earth for a short time, but in those 2 years, she became a huge part of my life. My wife and I are recently married, and with no children, Kimber was our child and went everywhere and did everything with us. I still come home everyday expecting her to greet me at the door so we can go out and throw some bumpers or hop in the truck to go do some scouting. I still think about the night I lost her constantly, I had been remodeling our house for the last year, and was working on some closet doors late at night when I noticed that she wasn't laying next to me anymore. As soon as a walked through the house I felt the draft of an open door and figured she had gotten outside. As I walked outside I saw headlights stopped on the highway and I knew what had happened. I am not going to lie, I completly lost it. I sat on the side of the highway with her for hours, just praying that it didn't really happen. Now a month later, I am no longer looking forward to the upcoming hunting season. This last year she was coming into her own and becoming one hell of a hunting dog. We really only had one season together, but she did better than I could have asked for. Kimber you will be missed forever, but never forgotten.

I have been a part of this site for several years, althought I don't post much, I do enjoy reading everyone's posts. I always read the tributes, and even though they were not my dogs, they always break my heart so I figured this was a fitting place to pay tribute to my best friend. I read these tributes of dogs that have lived full lives and I don't know what would be worse, the sudden loss like this or having her live a full life and having to put her down 12 or so years later. I commend all of you that have lost more than one hunting partner, because right now it hurts so bad that I don't know if I could loose another one. I know that time will heal the pain, but it just plain sucks! Thanks for taking the time to read this, I just wish there was more to her story and it didn't end so quickly.

This was Kimber and I and her first dry field hunt for mallards.
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This was her first retrieve out of the MoMarsh
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The first week she came home with me
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"River Roads Kodiak Kimber"
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Another shot from the MoMarsh
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Many of us here feel and know about your pain at your loss. Kimber likes she was a beautiful dog and well trained! Celebrate her and the time you had together.

Brian F.
Sorry for your loss.
Sounds like she was one heck of a pup.
Sorry to read this. It hurts and there's no denying it, but try to remember the good times you shared together.
Evan - That's a fine tribute for a good young hunting partner. The images also clearly show a solid retriever. Hope you get another one when you are ready and that will be a lucky pup. Also hope that you can remember mostly your good times with Kimber.
Evan, that was beautifully written. Kimber will forever be part of you and of every hunt you make. Some day you will have another partner sitting by your side and hopefully these painful times will subside somewhat. None of us want to lose our best friend but it continues to happen. Thanks for sharing some of those good times that you had. I hope you can dwell upon them as you remember this great Labrador retriever.