Kashmir's Onyx Jewell (Belle)

jode hillman

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It's much too hard right now to write a long tribute, but needed to post for the dozens of freinds she has hunted with from this forum over the years.

Our paths diverged today for the final time. She was the best friend, hunting retriever , and family dog I could of ever wished for. I miss her terribly already.

June 6th 1999-August 18th 2014.

This shows her in her prime, she still actively retreiving until 13.

I always loved this photo of her. taken at 6 months, we were training and she had just scented a bird. You can feel the intensity in her stance!

Graceful til the end. Love ya girl. —

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Thank you guys.......... its hard to type through the tears. Lois, the kids and I just laid her to rest in a Beautifully tall White pine grove back by the pond. (Not Far from the second photo)

The kids placed some painted some headstone rocks for her. I have some fur and her tags that will go into Allsion's black Duck she carved, so Belle can still be with us on those special days in the marsh.
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After seeing Jim Higgins carve birds for memorial ashes, that's the best place for them to rest. A gentle wave, and a thoughtful stare from the hunter towards the restful decoy. I would bring the decoy in at night too. Just me.
So sorry to hear Jode.

I am always amazed to hear how much other guys get attached to their furry companions as much as I always do.

Rest in Peace Belle.

So sorry for your loss. I know all to well how tough that is. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We that love our other family members at least know she is in good company.
Kevin, John, sonny...thank you for your kind words. This one will hurt for awhile ,but the thoughts of those who have been there help.
"I will tell you a very wise thing. If a man is really intelligent, there's practically nothing a good dog can't teach him." The Old Man - Robert Ruark

When a Best Friend leaves us they take a part of us with them. Their life, and memories become part of us till we meet again in the Happy Hunting Ground.

There are no words enough to replace your loss... A lump in the throat stifles all words.
“A dog does not live as long as a man and this natural law is the fount of many tears. If boy and puppy might grow to manhood and doghood together, and together grow old, and so in due course die, full many a heartache might be avoided. But the world is not so ordered, and dogs will die and men will weep for them so long as there are dogs and men." -Paul E. Chase

My sympathies Jode, I try not to think about that inevitable day with mine.
Beautiful animal Jode. My sympathies. I understand the sting. The fact is...

- They teach us more than we ever teach them...
- They give us grace daily. It's a good thing a retriever never learn to roll their eyes...
- They know when we're even thinking about going hunting...
- They are the most faithful hunting partner we have and ever will have...
- They are the most forgiving souls...
- They are not quitters and, never give up on us...
- They are always glad to see us and, see the good in us...
- Would never tell our secrets or, admit our stupity to our wives...
- They raise our kids and watch over them...
- They are the guardian of our homes when we're away and asleep...
- They are at their best in the marsh or in a field...
- Their loyalty is impeccable...
- God knew a waterfowler would need all that in a retriever when He made them. He did so to enrich the waterfowler's experience and, to do for him, what he could not do for himself...

Our heart goes out to you and your family brother! pat
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Andrew thank you. How true those words!

Pat, perfect observations......very appropriate and spoken as someone who has been there. Thank you.

Belle was a one of a kind.....
So sorry to read of your loss,it's never easy for any of us.A working dog that is also a family member forms a bond like nothing else....early mornings,bitter cold,mud,memorable retrieves and always a tail wag,no matter how bad our day was.RIP Belle
Thank you Steve . The bond we have with our retrievers is hard to put into words. It helps to know others understand it.
Wow !

Im so sorry jode, their time here is never enough.
I know how your feeling , Im still feeling my loss from last year.