Lord Yooper

wendell avery

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Lord Yooper is on his way to JOn in Ohio after a visit to RI and CT. He started in RI on 12/21 which turned out to be a bit chilly. Low to below teens (12 to 15) with steady breeze in our faces resulting in a cold day and iced covered decoys and dog. Dave M., Scott F., Dave T. and myself, stuck out the cold morning and ended with 1 goose and 1 black.

Then on to CT 12/21. By then the weather had changed and we hunted in 50 degree + . Dave T., Dave R., and myself were the last off the water and ended with 1 brant and 4 mergs. The three of us went back for a final hunt on 12/24, and although it was a slow day, we did manage 1 lone scoter at daylight.