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I picked up 3 of these in March. They are made in Iowa . Designed for helping access tough to get at soft bottom spots. They have a nice website if you want to learn more. I bought them for that purpose but i am adding a twist of my own. I built up a pvc framework about a foot tall then got an old field layout blind and cut the bottom out. I mounted it to this pvc frame work and put a board across for a seat still using the original sling seat of the blind as a backrest. I can hide completely inside in a sitting position while utilizing the door system like normal. I added some additional canvas to cover the gaps on the sides. With a better cutting schedule i think the next one i make will be better.BE0CF818-4CD8-4D7D-B6CF-66AC04B543C3.jpeg
total height is 35 inches above water line. Maybe a little tall but it depends on the background.
I ended up cutting off the boot bag portion of the layout as is served no purpose and i'm only hinging the portion where the top framework comes across. That way i can lift up the front and enter or exit if i can't swing my leg over in deeper water.
I looked it up, pretty neat idea. Although similar to the floats used for fishing, the solid build is better than an inflatable IMO. I like your blind build, it looks like it'll work well.
That is an excellent idea Bob. That would work well in several places I hunt, might have to try and convince the wife I need this for safety walking through the swamp.
I definitely could have used one of these over in Mobile!
Oh well, 15 years too late...
I didn't see this before asking a question on your decoy thread. I've been looking at one for a couple of years. I didn't realize they had found another supplier. They weren't available for a couple of years. May have to take another look. I like your blind idea.

Correction, the website still says "OUT OF STOCK"
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These were old stock that a dealer in the quad cites had and he made me a deal on all three. His manufacturer does molding for Jon Deere parts and squeezes him in when there is open time . Unfortunately he can't get the line to shut down for his small run.
Yep, I was talking to a guy close to the family that told me the same thing. Did you buy them from R&R Sports by chance?
Bob, Good people at R&R. I only have 1 place, maybe 2 where I could truly use one but haven't been to either place due to dry conditions in a couple of years. I guess I waited too long...LOL! I'll be looking for pictures using your blind idea. Have a great season!
I built one also like you described and it worked perfectly but I made it for a spur of the moment hunt and it fell apart after a few seasons
Do you happen to have a photo of the one you made with pink foam? I use a round float tube (bought it 20-25 years ago) when hunting thick wood duck swamps. The inner tube bit the dust long ago so I stuffed the compartment with closed cell pink styrofoam. It has some unfilled areas which collect water and this takes a while to drain post-hunt. But I will never riun a hunt due to leaking inner tube. Biggest thing I don't like is the round shape is a bit wide for pushing through dense cover--a narrower/longer profile would get stuck less often. Once or twice I was unsure I would get back to my launch point due to getting stuck and reaching near exhaustion! This was in an Eastern NC area known to have gators..I usually waited until cold weather made the gators dormant (at least I hoped so). The gators are one reason I don't hunt with a dog...