My Pup.

Ed Askew

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As promised, if I can remember how to do it, here are some puppy pics. Meet Ginger B. Ginger is a yellow lab from Hat Creek Farm in Perry, GA. She's all American. I have still some Brit stuff that are hand me downs from my good old girl I lost in December. Ginger just turned 3 months old. She's quite a pistol. Very birdy; chases little Junkos around our place, Eastern Towhee's, and has come close to getting a couple.
Ginger watching TV in our tiny house in the mountains, western NC.
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Ed, she is a dandy. Have fun with those teaching lessons that seem to go on and on. It was good to see her asleep on your deck shoe instead of gnawing on it! She is a good looking American Lab.
Ginger is a little sweetie! I can almost smell the puppy breath
Thanks for the kind words, folks. Here in a few days I won't have to worry about Parvo anymore, and I can take her hiking with us. We have had some awesome weather, high temps in the mid 70's while the lowlands cook. She has been fun.