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I am pulling the pin on getting intraocular lens replacements for cataracts in both eyes. My insurance will cover all the costs for the monofocal lenses and I have the option to spend $7000 out of pocket for the multifocal lenses. I see that many people get the monofocal lens that corrects for distant vision and wear glasses for the close up stuff. I know that all of us on this forum share similar interests and hobbies so I would appreciate any comments or suggestions from those of you who have had the surgery. Thanks
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I am planning on getting PRK.. not cataract related. But I hate wearing glasses and contacts. Doc said I can be corrected for near or far
My thought is I want to see the deer and number of points he has.from 300 yards out..be able to see that band on that mallard?s leg from 50 yards out.
I can wear glasses in the comfort of my home in my undies
I have the multifocal lens. The only time I have a problem is tying really thin Braid (8lb.) in low light conditions. Hope that helps

Right eye cataract surgery last Sept, left eye cataract surgery April this year. Monofocal lens were used, and time between the surgeries a PITA but well worth it.

Vision clarity, and colors, amazing! It is not a yellow tinted world.

As a outdoorsman, carver and artist a major quality of life improvement. Wish I had this vision many years ago.

Have worn glasses since a child, and they have saved my eyes from injury many times. Since the cataract surgery the glasses continue to do the job.

You will see things that you have not noticed in years, and others that you wished you did not. [;)]

Your shooting will be improved, and scoped rifles will need sighted in to new high quality vision.

I wish you all the best with your surgery (the most successful of all surgeries) but the videos you are shown prior will scare you. Not to worry.

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I had cataract surgery 4-5 years ago. Monocular lens were used so I do need glasses to read or tieing a fly to a tippet but my far vision is way beyond my best expectations. Pre-surgery vision was 20/40 at best - corrected! Post surgery vision is 20/10+2. Vision acuity is fantastic in all lighting conditions but I really notice it the most in the evening.

I wore glasses or contacts for close to 60 years and don't regret the surgery one bit. IMHO 100% successful.
Amazing how cataracts slowly steal your vision, and how great things look right after the surgery. Talk with your surgeon and see what they think. I know some of the older multifocals had some quirks, but the technology has been evolving and getting better. For me, I had right eye in 2015 and left in 2019 and could not be happier. My surgeon shoots sporting clays, and based on a lifestyle discussion he recommended I get the long range monofocals in both eyes and wear readers for close in work. My eyes came out a little better than 20/20, and moving targets like clays and birds are crisp and clear. I experimented with different magnifications for close in to see what gave the sharpest focus based on task. For me +1.5 is a great all-around close task magnification and could easily be a one size fits all. However, +1.25 is a little longer focal distance and is my preferred magnification for working on the computer and rifle with a front site, and +2 is a little better for really close tasks like reading and fishing line knots. I always wore safety glasses while hunting and shooting skeet anyway, and now wear glasses with cheaters in the bottom (like DeWalts) in case I need to read (like see if my license is current) or work on something with small parts. I also have some sunglasses with +2.0 cheaters for fishing, which is really handy when tying knots on the boat. Good luck with the surgery.

Thanks all for your comments. Glad to hear that you are satisfied with the results and I am looking forward to better vision. I have worn glasses all of my life and I am used to them so I am going to get the monofocal lens implants in both eyes set for distant vision and have a prescription for reading and computer work put in my eyeglasses.

I had to watch the video prior to surgery, sign that I fully understood, and given all info in a folder. Or sorry no surgery.

The surgeon was first rate, a fly fisherman, art lover and the facility first rate as well. I feel better when they give me all the percentages & info prior to surgery.
Quick, and you will be back to normal activities by next day. Sunglasses outdoors will be a must. Had both done, although year apart. Best part is not seeing halos around lights!