No ducks... good day though

Chris Hagenlocher

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First time trying to post pics... cut me a little slack! =)

I headed out to find some birds, practice my calling, and did find some bw teal, gadwalls, coots, and some mallards. (Pictured, couldn't post more pics of others...) Didn't bring a gun, but it was fun to see them work the dekes and I learned some things.


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Picture came in loud and clear. I have'nt seen any Ivory bills lately do Pilated Wood Peckers count. I was out deer hunting and saw about three or four of those. In the dark deep swamps of Wis where no man has gone might be the Northern Ivory bill. Who knows? Keep up your quest. Pete
Haha... Pileateds sorta count- growing up in Washington I saw them all the time, but here in Missouri they're not as obvious. Fun bird to watch though. It's a special sighting to see Pileateds in my area, but Ivorybills are still the only "grail bird" I've heard many stories, and hope to have some of my own to tell someday... Meanwhile I'll stick to hunting, and with the outdoor exposure, someday in the south...

Pileated Woodpeckers. We have tons of 'em around.

Down here, we call them "Good Gods."

As in, "Good God, did you see the size of that woodpecker?"