Pearl 2/16/2012-11/7/2023

Troy Fields

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[font "Arial"]You will be missed sweetheart![/font]

Pearl was diagnosed with a large tumor on her liver last week. The prognosis was not good so we treated for what we could and kept her as close to the Pearl of old as we could. She passed peacefully with us at home.

[font "Segoe UI Historic, Segoe UI, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"]Sorry, but the site wouldn't let me post pics, but there are many in my old posts.[/font]
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Sorry to hear about Pearl. She lived a very long life and no doubt she loved her family like you loved her. It's always so tough to lose a close family pet, but in the coming months the pain gives way to cherished memories. She'll always be in your heart.

Oh man I am so sorry to hear this Troy!!!! I am sooooooo sorry I missed this post. I wish that I had gotten to hunt over her but I thoroughly enjoyed all of the posts that you made that included her.

My thoughts are with you.

Troy, I am so sorry. Seeing Pearl at work on sea ducks was always a highlight of the DHBP each winter. Thanks for sharing her with us. I know she made a lots of guests very happy to see her work.