Phoenix Vagabond - another vessel in the fleet....

Dave Diefenderfer

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Traveled last week, family vacation in FL with kids and grandkids. Stopped in SC for a quick visit with some neighbors that retired in Bluffton. I looked ahead on FB Marketplace in that area and found another "deal" that I could not pass up. Not sure what I will do with it, but will at least splash it once to see if it is something I "need" to keep..... It is the Kevlar version, 2 seater. Told it is a 1997 vintage, though it does not show much if any wear. I'll scrub it up and get some better pictures on the weekend perhaps.


I love my kevlar poke boat but have learned something that may be useful to you. They are fragile. This doesn't bother me except in one location. When it comes time to get out, the most common way on any kayak is to palce one's hands on the deck to help push one up and out. On my P=kevlar Poke boat, this is a big no no aws the decking will flex and crack. Takes a different technique, or boat modification, to use this easy way to get pout of the boat.