Sale of Duck Boss Boats update

Tom Ayers

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I wanted to make it public that I recently sold Duck Boss Boats. I want to assure anyone that has one of my boats that is under warranty that I am still in business and if anyone has a problem with one of my boats that is covered under warranty that I will take care of any issues you may encounter. I want to thank everyone that has purchased a Duck Boss Boat. This sale came about five years ahead of my long term plans. That being said my future plans will include building boats. I will have more information on that in the near future.
Tom Ayers 330 309 8977
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Tom has always been a stand-up guy EVERY time I have had contact with him. Good luck in your future endeavors, Tom!
Hello Everyone, It was in my plans to revamp my boat line this year and with the sale of Duck Boss I now have the time and means to design a new line of duck boats. I've always enjoyed building boats and particularly enjoy doing the Tuckerton show with my dealer Rich Young who will represent my new line of boats. I'm going to build under the name Duck Invader Boats.

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I've always liked your line of boats, and hope for good luck for the new owners.

BUT, I can't wait to see what your new ideas will be! Keep us in the loop!

Tom and Rich have been a great team putting some awesome duck boats out at an affordable price.
Best of luck guys

Bob M
Love my duck boss 13. Glad to see the brand will live on even in the hands of others. Any details on the new line of boats? I Am in the market for a small boat that can run with a small (7hp?) Mud motor
Tom - Best of luck in your new endeavor I will be waiting patiently to see your new line of duck boats although I don't know how you could possibly improve on my Duck Boss 15
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