Sandhill decoys

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Guys I have a couple dozen SHC decoys that have never been hunted over,and since I dont plan on going out west again they have to go:

1 dozen Outlaw photographic silhouettes, BNIOB never even set up. Excellent pristine condition

1 Dozen Giant SHC windsocks with custom painted heads. I got these from Jim Jones many years ago and never got a chance to hunt them. They are giant about 38" from head to tail and mounted on a 3/4 wooden dowel and stand about 4 foot tall when assembled.

Lastly I have a brand new, never worn gray full length lab coat in 2xl ( I think) for field concealment

I can send you pictures of anything you want to see so pm me here and I will respond.

Im asking 350.00 TYD anywhere here in the lower 48, and I will throw in a decent silhouette satchel for the Outlaws. The windsocks come with a well used but still viable mesh bag.

Im old school and dont have a paypal account so M.O or cashiers check.
Thanks for looking.
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Outlaws are gone but I would really like to see someone get these wind socks that can actually use them. Here in Pennsylvania we don't get Cranes and even if we did the PGC would never allow us to hunt them so: 1 dozen Sandhill Crane Giant wind socks with custom painted heads that stand about 4 foot tall and over 40" long. Asking 200.00 TYD or b/o. They have never been hunted over just set up in my back yard. Pics available on request.

Have no idea where you live in PA, but there are greater Sandhill Cranes in western PA. Years ago when Ohio stocked them to establish resident cranes where they once were, several of them took up residence in western PA. Each year their numbers grow, and it is not uncommon to see & hear family groups now.

Even if the population grows, as you wrote the PGC would not have a season IMO. They passed on the Tundra Swan season many years ago as they did not want to deal with the anti hunters. A shame as PA played a important role in Tundra Swan migration and many stop in the state in Spring and Fall.

As for Outlaw Decoys, they are the best flattie decoys I ever gunned over.

my 2 cents
I live about 15 miles West of Erie in Girard Pa.. The Lake is right in my back yard practically. I have heard that there are Sand Hills here but have yet to see one. As you said Vince the PGC would never let us hunt them, and the fact is that they have had the availability to issue Swan Permits for years but every time I ask about them, at the annual waterfowl symposium, they just say that they don't know how they would distribute them, and they cant afford to run a lottery so tough luck. I take it you may be familiar with Pymatuning? It is not even a fraction of what it once was. But that's Pa duck hunting in a nut shell anymore.

As for Outlaws I have to agree. It's pretty tough to compete with an actual picture of a duck, goose or crane and I always though theirs were the best also.

I'm very familiar with Girard, PA. Lots of trips to Presque Isle, and the tribs over many years.

Pymatuning and the surrounding area I know like the back of my hand. Wish I had a dollar for everyday that I spent there from the 1960's until 2010. Mr. Ray Sickles put the place on the waterfowling map and he ran the place with a stern hand. He might be spinning in his grave now...

If ya ever go in the PGC Management Building, I donated a handmade & carved sign just prior to moving to western NY. Lotta good memories.

I dunno, waterfowling ebbs and flows, hopefully the Atlantic Flyway will improve.
I too hope it improves. Our beloved Presque Isle is nothing like it once was. Good hunting is getting to be a thing of the past for us duck hunters....
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All that's left is the Giant Sandhill windsocks. Hand painted heads by Jim Jones, the guy who started Silo Socks. Too beautiful to sit in my garage another season.Always covered the heads with socks to protect them. Really hope someone can use these. 125.00 plus shipping pm me your number and I can send you some pics.