Sausage recipes

One day this past season, I hunted with an old friend and a new duck hunter. Between the 3 of us, all we shot was a hen goldeneye and a common merganser. I offered to take the birds home, clean and freeze them and cook them up at a later date.

Today was that day.

When I cleaned the birds, I breasted them out, skinned them and removed all the fat, expecially off the merganser. They sat in the freezer for about 5 months and when thawed, I soaked them in pinapple juice for a day. After draining the juice off, I used my wife's food processor to mince all 4 breasts, a piece of pork equal to about a half breast and about that much more pork fat from some spare ribs.

After removing the meat form the food processor, I mixed in an ounce of real maple syrup, not the fake Mrs Butterworth's crap. Also I added 7 or 8 shakes of fennel seeds from the bottle, 3 shakes of minced onion, a heavy shake of smoky BBQ rub, and a couple of shakes of ground rosemary. I let the concoction sit overnight in the fridge to steep...

Then I fried the sausage and 3 eggs, hard, and cut up many slices of pepperjack cheese and served egg sausage and cheese on a bagel. It was tremendous and even the new duck hunter liked it a lot.